Congratulations Race for Rome Top 125!

woensdag, september 02, 2015

Team Members throughout Europe have worked incredibly hard since January to rack up points in hopes of making the Race for Rome Top 125. 

With August now over, we are excited to officially announce the final Top 125! All those on this list will earn money toward their trip to Summit 2015!

A special congratulations to our Top 3 Race for Rome point earners – 

1. Corinna Frowein, Austria  – 33,132
2. Manfred Kelbic, Austria – 30,342
3. Sabine Feitl, Austria – 26,992

As a reminder, if you made the Top 125 and are registered for the Summit, you will be paid with this month’s commissions. Payments will be based on your Top 125 rank.

Here are the rank values: 

Rank 1-25 = €1.000
Rank 26-50 = €750
Rank 51-75 = €500
Rank 76-100 = €400
Rank 101-125 = €300

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