dinsdag, april 24, 2018

SYNERGY Gels Nu Beschikbaar in Nederland!

Synergy’s gel matrix productlijn is nu beschikbaar in Nederland! Deze nieuwe producten verschenen niet zo lang geleden op een aantal van onze Europese markten en zijn snel favorieten geworden voor veel Teamleden en klanten. Zie zelf wat deze gels zo populair, effectief, handig en heerlijk maakt.


Belangrijke details voor het bestellen van Synergy gels:

  • Gel bestellingen moeten telefonisch gemaakt worden. Bel simpelweg de klantenservice op: 08002900013
  • Synergy gels zijn slechts voor een beperkte tijd beschikbaar in Nederland
  • Gels moeten enkel worden besteld voor persoonlijke consumptie en komen niet in aanmerking voor wederverkoop of autoship.

We zijn blij om deze prachtige nieuwe producten aan te kunnen bieden aan onze vrienden in Nederland. We kijken uit naar het delen van hun vele voordelen met onze uitstekende teams in het hele land. Bel en plaats uw bestelling vandaag!

Prijzen voor gel orders Nederland:

Product CV Wholesale* (incl. BTW)
Essential Greens - 1 Doos (30 pakken per doos) 50 € 62.64
Essential Greens - 5 Dozen 150 € 226.46
FL-3X - 1 Doos (8 flessen per doos) 50 € 67.46
FL-3X - 5 Dozen 150 € 250.54
Mistify Gel - 1 Doos (30 pakken per doos) 50 € 62.64
Mistify Gel - 5 Dozen 150 € 226.46
Omega-3 - 1 Doos (30 pakken per doos) 50 € 62.64
Omega-3 - 5 Dozen 150 € 226.46
Pro-MUN - 1 Doos (30 pakken per doos) 50 € 62.64
Pro-MUN - 5 Dozen 150 € 226.46
VitaZone - 1 Doos (30 pakken per doos) 50 € 62.64
VitaZone - 5 Dozen 150 € 226.46
Gels Combo Pack (1 Doos van elk)
(Mistify, E. Greens, Vitazone, Pro-MUN, Omega-3)
150 € 226.46

* Getoonde wholesaleprijzen zijn beschikbaar voor Teamleden en Voorkeursklanten die momenteel in aanmerking komen voor Synergy 10% autoshipkorting. Zij die niet in aanmerking komen, betalen een extra 10%.

maandag, april 16, 2018

Title Plus Earners: March 2018

In January and February, Synergy paid out over €5,700 in Title Plus bonuses across Europe. Congratulations to all those who earned their bonus these last two months!

Remember, by building on this momentum to maintain or reach new ranks you can earn matching bonuses, fourth month bonuses and compounding bonuses. For more information about the Title Plus promotion, click here.

3X Earners & Matching Bonus:
Andrea Molnar (Austria)
Kerstin Anita Huetter (Austria)
Siegfried Feitl (Austria)
Wolfgang Steinpruckner (Austria)
Erna Maria Kurzweil (Austria)
Kristin Gudmundsdottir (Iceland)
Anna Margret Bjarnadottir (Iceland)
Björg Sveinsdóttir (Iceland)
Niamh O’brien (Ireland)
Maria Corbet (Ireland)
Mandy Blaney (Ireland)
Kenneth Mgbams (Ireland)
Kenneth Iversen (Norway)
Oddvar Pedersen (Norway)
Christer Sverre (Norway)
Stian Iversen (Norway)
Cato Nysveen (Norway)
Danuta Świąder (Poland)
Dragica Likar (Slovenia)
Kristina & Metka Kenda (Slovenia)
Mirka Sedmak (Slovenia)
Lin Zadnjikar (Slovenia)
Zavod Sestavise (Slovenia)
Stanko Boros (Slovenia)
Rozana Presern (Slovenia)

3X Earners:
Waltraud Gietler (Austria)
Monica Simon (Austria)
Jonah Lumbatan (Ireland)
Hans Kristian Rese (Norway)
Aromasol Robøle (Norway)

2X Earners:
Markus Schrammel (Austria)
Johanna Ahonen (Finland)
Colonic-luontaishoitola (Finland)
Loretta & Okechukwu Onukwulu (Germany)
Caroline Udoka Okolie (Germany)
Ásta Tómasdóttir (Iceland)
Fadumo Ibrahim (Ireland)
Helen Okoye (Ireland)
Janaki Sandia Kumari Illenaide Badalge (Italy)
Michela Lovadina (Italy)
Alessandro Calli (Italy)
Arild Margido Johansen (Norway)
Svein Erik Johansen (Norway)
Una Birgitta Kaarstad (Norway)
Zavod Pod Mavrico (Slovenia)
Lara Zadnikar (Slovenia)
Christel Levin (Sweden)
Julie Dalton (United Kingdom)
Karen Smith (United Kingdom)
Parmjit & Bal Gill (United Kingdom)
Uche & Lorita Agwo (United Kingdom)

Title Plus Earners:
Karl Tappauf (Austria)
Wilhelm Heindl (Austria)
Herta Prenner (Austria)
Johann Schuetzenhoefer (Austria)
Gerhard Scherz (Austria)
Anita Vidovitsch (Austria)
Jürgen Gruber & Pfleger Birgit (Austria)
Gudrun Freißmuth (Austria)
Arild Skullerud (Austria)
Doris Brandstaetter (Austria)
Katharina Esterl (Austria)
Johann Grantner (Austria)
Eduard Mitteregger (Austria)
Gudrun Freißmuth (Austria)
Mag. Walter Gusel (Austria)
Fredi Schrammel (Austria)
Ingrid Karner (Austria)
Werner Mag. Karner (Austria)
Andreas Knaus (Austria)
Siegfried Trummer (Austria)
Michael Sindler (Austria)
Barbara Gucher (Austria)
Eija Ja Pekka Hänninen (Finland)
Tellervo Ja Juhani Saukko (Finland)
Gabriele Zimmerling (Germany)
Esther Ananuba (Germany)
Keith Robinson (Ireland)
Aidan & Eimir Molloy (Ireland)
Ubah Ahmed (Ireland)
Monica Marchese (Italy)
Lorenza Berutti (Italy)
Mariarosa Nicoli (Italy)
Mario Andrea Leporatti (Italy)
Massimo Galante (Italy)
Fabrizio Costacurta (Italy)
Arild Skullerud (Norway)
Eirin Sveahaugen (Norway)
Asam Joanna Amrosz (Poland)
Ana Persen (Slovenia)
Elitno Zdravje Sp. (Slovenia)
Anne-marie. Rohlen (Sweden)
Mikael Palm (Sweden)
Christine Burd (United Kingdom)
Gerda Skrickiene (United Kingdom)
Katie Poste (United Kingdom)
Nnenna Chima (United Kingdom)
Madeleine Rothschild (United Kingdom)
Olu Folarin (United Kingdom)
Patricia Orji-nicholas (United Kingdom)

zaterdag, april 14, 2018

Customer Service Hours Update

Beginning Monday, April 16, the Barcelona office will be taking Customer Service calls for the U.K., Ireland, Spain, and the Netherlands.

Until further notice, the corporate call center in the United States will continue taking calls for those markets after the Barcelona office closes. For the time being, please enjoy these extended Customer Service hours:
  • 8 AM — 9 PM BST
  • 9 AM — 10 PM CET

As these extended hours will operate only temporarily, the regular schedule for Customer Service hours of operation in these markets will be the following:
  • 8 AM — 5 PM BST
  • 9 AM — 6 PM CET

We will publish an update once we have our new European phone numbers in place, as well as when the extended hours are no longer available.

  • U.K.: 0800-917-3547
  • Ireland:1800-818-366
  • Netherlands: 08002900013
  • Spain: 900 816 762

vrijdag, april 13, 2018

March Winners: Torino Magica

We’re heading to Torino, the “magical city,” for our 2018 Summit! As we approach October and our biggest event of the year, opportunities to earn cash and cool prizes are approaching as well!

Not only can you earn cash towards your Torino trip, you can win great prizes EACH month. The official top 10 point earners this month are:

1 - Francesca & Hermann Pflueger - Apple Watch Nike+ OLED GPS
2 - Mattrade Mateusz Pas - Beats by Dr. Dre In Ear Powerbeats
3 - Bostjan Pilej - Beats by Dr. Dre In Ear Powerbeats
4 - Karl Tappauf - €140 Synergy Product Credit
5 - Emeka & Prisca Okakpu - €120 Synergy Product Credit
6 - Jacek & Marta Cieślik - Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet
7 - Petra Rinkel - €100 Gift Card to Nike.com
8 - Kim & Simon Bradley - €100 Gift Card to Nike.com
9 - Cornelia Haas - JBL Clip 2 Mono portable Bluetooth Speaker
10 - Alessandro Calli - JBL Clip 2 Mono portable Bluetooth Speaker

Congratulations to the winners! Next month, we’re offering more prizes for the top 10 point earners. Get your points on the board now to win:


1 - Apple iPad 32 GB, silver
2 – Ultimate Ears Megaboom, portable speaker
3 – Fitbit Charge 2
4 – Sony Smartwatch 3 Sport, 4 GB, Quad-Core 1.2 GHz, 512 MB RAM
5 – Jaybird Freedom Special edition, Bluetooth wireless earphones
6 – Complete Trulum Set
7 – Complete Trulum Set
8 – Amazon Fire 7 Tablet
9 – Sony SRS-X11, Bluetooth wireless speaker
10 – Sony SRS-X11, Bluetooth wireless speaker

As the race to earn cash towards Torino intensifies, stay updated on the cumulative top 100 point earners and see how you stack up. Simply login to Pulse and check the Torino Magica leaderboards, found under “reports” in your digital backoffice.

Congratulations to the many individuals who have earned Torino Magica points so far, and best of luck to you all next month. To see how you can earn Torino Magica points, click here.

For more information on this promotion, or any other 2018 promotions, don’t forget to click the “PROMOTIONS” tab above!

vrijdag, april 13, 2018


We would love to see each of you at this year’s Europe Summit VIP dinner reception. As a VIP, you will socialize with Synergy executives and top leaders while enjoying a spectacular experience at the Palazzo Della Luce. Elegant and historic, the Palazzo Della Luce will offer our VIPs a beautiful venue, a fabulous dinner, and a memorable evening to begin our summit weekend.

Date: Thursday, October 4, 2018
Time: 7:30-10:00 PM
Venue: Palazzo Della Luce
Who: Eligible VIP and a guest. A guest must be a spouse, significant other, or business partner linked to the qualifying account.

Formal attire requested: Suits and ties for men, cocktail dresses for women.

In order to qualify for the VIP dinner reception, you must fulfill one of the two requirements listed below:
  1. Achieve Team Director or above for the first time between Sept. 1, 2017 and Aug. 31, 2018
  2. Maintain Team Director or above for a minimum of three months between Jan. 1, 2018 and Aug. 31, 2018
Elevate your business to new heights and qualify for this elite reception. We look forward to celebrating with you!

To watch a video of last year’s VIP Dinner, click here.
Have you registered for the 2018 Summit? If not, you can register today!

woensdag, april 11, 2018


Congratulations to the hardworking Team Members who have taken their Synergy business to the next level. Last month, these men and women advanced to new ranks of success in their Synergy business. It is our privilege to recognize them for the time and energy they have invested into reaching their goals, sharing Elite Health and helping people to unlock their potential.

Please join us in congratulating the following Team Members across Europe:

Don’t forget that your new title can earn you extra income! Click here to read about the 2018 Title Plus promotion and learn how you can get more bonuses for maintaining your new rank or soaring even higher.

Andrea Molnar (Austria)
Gerhard Scherz (Austria)
Herta Prenner (Austria)
Monica Marchese (Italy)

Markus Schrammel (Austria)
Jürgen Gruber& Pfleger Birgit (Austria)
Gudrun Freißmuth (Austria)
Kenneth Mgbams (Ireland)
Helen Okoye (Ireland)
Alessandro Calli (Italy)
Una Birgitta Kaarstad (Norway)

Johann Grantner (Austria)
Gudrun Freißmuth (Austria)
Mag. Walter Gusel (Austria)
Fredi Schrammel (Austria)
Ingrid Karner (Austria)
Werner Mag. Karner (Austria)
Andreas Knaus (Austria)
Siegfried Trummer (Austria)
Michael Sindler (Austria)
Barbara Gucher (Austria)
Eija & Pekka Hänninen (Finland)
Esther Ananuba (Germany)
Ubah Ahmed (Ireland)
Lorenza Berutti (Italy)
Mario Andrea Leporatti (Italy)
Fabrizio Costacurta (Italy)
Anne-marie Rohlen (Sweden)
Katie Poste (United Kingdom)
Olu Folarin (United Kingdom)
Patricia Orji-nicholas (United Kingdom

Team Members with the most personally sponsored Tracking Centers

Walter Gusel (Austria) - 4
Ingried Sindler (Austria) - 4
Alessandro Calli (Italy) - 4
Loretta & Okechukwu Onukwulu (Germany) - 4
Hilkka & Eero Saukko (Finland) - 4

dinsdag, april 10, 2018


Last month, a phenomenal group of Team Members became Elite Honors qualified. The Elite Honors Club is being reinforced by strong, passionate individuals. We look forward to seeing the new heights attained by consistent achievers. Thanks to the dedication and passion they bring to Synergy Europe, the Elite Honors Club member will continue to reach new levels of success.

Congratulations to the following Elite Honors qualifiers:

Robert Suppan (Austria)
Kati Suppan (Austria)
Elfriede Tappauf (Austria)
Karl Tappauf (Austria)
Ana Vajda-Friess (Austria)
Ingried Sindler (Austria)
Andrea Molnar (Austria)
Johann Schuetzenhoefer (Austria)
Helmut Jelinek (Austria)
Roman Tanzler (Austria)
Ludwig Kalina (Austria)
Siegfried Feitl (Austria)
Rudolf Zinke (Austria)
Anita Vidovitsch (Austria)
Bernd Aust (Austria)
Sonja Esterl (Austria)
Erna Maria Kurzweil (Austria)
Katharina Esterl (Austria)
Andrea Saubach (Austria)
Karin Ulrich (Austria)
Wolfgang Steinpruckner (Austria)
Kerstin Anita Huetter (Austria)
Ingrid Karner (Austria)
Josef Zimmermann (Austria)
Eric & Kati Gammals (Finland)
Santoia Oy (Finland)
Kirsi Laitinen (Finland)
Leena Immonen (Finland)
Eija & Pekka Hänninen (Finland)
Regina & Antti Ahola (Finland)
Hilkka & Eero Saukko (Finland)
Mirja-Liisa Vuokila & Riitta Marttila (Finland)
Nina Tapojärvi Pentti Kuukasjärvi (Finland)
Eeva Heikkilä (Finland)
Maria Ahlstedt (Finland)
Anja Kangasniemi (Finland)
Riitta H. Taskila (Finland)
Susanne Kupske (Germany)
Christine & Hansy Herrmann (Germany)
Hakan Soenmez (Germany)
Marlis Hoffmann (Germany)
Dagmar Lampe (Germany)
Daniel & Barbara Krawcewicz (Germany)
Anamarie Appelmann (Germany)
Anor Jones (Germany)
Francesca & Hermann Pflueger (Germany)
Petra Rinkel (Germany)
Wolfgang Rinkel (Germany)
Cornelia Haas (Germany)
Gabriele Zimmerling (Germany)
Hatice Guel-Oezueberk (Germany)
Loretta & Okechukwu Onukwulu (Germany)
Chioma Gladys Anyasodo (Germany)
Joy Nkiruka Cervo (Germany)
Keith Robinson (Ireland)
Niamh O'brien (Ireland)
Maria Corbet (Ireland)
Emeka & Prisca Okakpu (Ireland)
Kenneth Mgbams (Ireland)
Timi & Jolanta Martins (Ireland)
Toby & Bronwyn Akuazoku (Ireland)
Tom Wells (Ireland)
Salma Abdallaahi (Ireland)
Lorenzo Baffico (Italy)
Luigino Iobbi (Italy)
Elena David (Italy)
Patrizia Parpajola (Italy)
Flaviano Frugeri (Italy)
Nicoletta Zermian (Italy)
Gloria Cinetto (Italy)
Federico Beccaro (Italy)
Rita Kaisermann (Italy)
Massimo Galante (Italy)
Savina De March (Italy)
Erio Iemma (Italy)
Damiano Bidese (Italy)
Cristina Quaglia (Italy)
Giuseppe D'agostino (Italy)
Sabrina Giambrone (Italy)
Assunta Margherita Olivero (Italy)
Alessandro Calli (Italy)
Liliya Volodymyrivna Zhuravska (Italy)
Graziella Elisabetta Cismondo (Italy)
Barbara Bagnale (Italy)
Barbara Turchet (Italy)
Francesca Muzio (Italy)
Simona Soggiu (Italy)
Harry Bekkelund (Norway)
Sylvia Elise Rasmussen (Norway)
Stein Magne Osmoen & Ingrid Haugan (Norway)
Arne Erik & Unni Steig (Norway)
Mary-Janne Nystol (Norway)
Frisk Stil As (Norway)
Anita Losen (Norway)
Lillehammer Osteopati As (Norway)
Christer Sverre (Norway)
Jan Olav Valaker (Norway)
Una Birgitta Kaarstad (Norway)
Adam Cieślik Wellness (Poland)
Jacek & Marta Cieślik (Poland)
Tamara Lunegova (Poland)
Nataliya Kan (Poland)
Bostjan Pilej (Slovenia)
Nada Strovs (Slovenia)
Dragica Likar (Slovenia)
Stanko Boros (Slovenia)
Rozana Presern (Slovenia)
Sanja Vecenaj (Slovenia)
Kristina & Metka Kenda (Slovenia)
Ana Persen (Slovenia)
Denis Kezele (Slovenia)
Mirka Sedmak (Slovenia)
Uros Zajc (Slovenia)
Martina Kodrun Stipko (Slovenia)
Darja Pirec (Slovenia)
Lin Zadnjikar (Slovenia)
Zavod Pod Mavrico (Slovenia)
Elitno Zdravje Sp. (Slovenia)
Suzana Lazar (Slovenia)
Zavod Sestavise (Slovenia)
Fernando Sierra Perez (Spain)
Jeremy Townsend (United Kingdom)
Teri Rigby (United Kingdom)
Freeman & Sitheni Dabengwa (United Kingdom)
Dr. Naik Rav (United Kingdom)
Kim & Simon Bradley (United Kingdom)
Steven J. Innes (United Kingdom)
Helen Prosper (United Kingdom)
Liz James (United Kingdom)
Julia Riewald (United Kingdom)
Jonathan Burgess (United Kingdom)
Sue Thomas (United Kingdom)
Sarah Andrews (United Kingdom)
Deirdre & Simon Peck (United Kingdom)
Angie Watson (United Kingdom)
Jane Sedgley Lesley Anwar (United Kingdom)
Sally Varley (United Kingdom)
Lyndsay Sadler (United Kingdom)
Parmjit & Bal Gill (United Kingdom)
Thembekile Mhlophe (United Kingdom)
Madeleine Rothschild (United Kingdom)
Mirriam Olifant (United Kingdom)
Mirian Emenalom (United Kingdom)

Remember, through other promotions like Title Plus, Team Members can earn extra rewards by leveraging their Elite Honors qualifications combined with new rank advancements. For more information on qualifying for Elite Honors, and the other lucrative promotion programs running this year, click here.

Again, we congratulate the individuals listed above for achieving Elite Honors this last month. Your dedication to building a successful Synergy business is impressive. We are grateful for your hard work, your belief, and for the fantastic examples you are setting for anyone looking to Leave a Legacy of their own.