Reflecting on the Barcelona Grand Opening

During the Grand Opening event of Synergy Europe Headquarters in Barcelona, top leaders were thoroughly impressed with the new building and all that it represents for Synergy Europe’s future.

The event included a full schedule of meetings, an office tour, and a lovely dinner on Barcelona’s harbor. For event highlights, click here to view the photo gallery.

Many of the leaders who attended were eager to share their thoughts about this historic event. See what they had to say:


“It was great to be invited to the opening of the European Headquarters in Barcelona; this was such a historic moment. It is always a privilege to meet such positive people from corporate and the leaders from other markets. Together, we will take Synergy to the next level!”


“I was so excited to receive an invitation to Barcelona to be a part of the European Headquarters Grand Opening. The weekend went beyond our expectations; everything was absolutely perfect. I enjoyed the meeting with all the great leaders from Europe and the U.S., and I loved the positive energy felt there. Headquarters is in an amazing building and I was really impressed. I think this is just the beginning of a historic future for Synergy Europe.”


“The Grand Opening of Synergy’s European Headquarters was thrilling, and I was so grateful to be a part of it. I strongly felt that Synergy is not merely a network marketing company, but is the network marketing company.

I took a moment this past weekend to breathe in the magic of our momentum. With all of our top leaders in attendance, there really was magic. I felt the success that was there. I feel all of this energy and passion stronger than ever, and I am sure that with this team and with leaders like Carmelo D’Anzi, we will arrive at top of the world.”


“The Grand Opening of our European Headquarters is a milestone in Synergy’s history. Being involved as a representative of Sweden and meeting all the other great leaders from all over Europe was an incredibly inspiring experience. These events always provide a lot of extra energy because you get the opportunity to learn from the best!

Being able to meet managment and hear their plans for the future was so inspiring that I found it difficult to sleep! It’s exciting to understand how Synergy Europe will grow over the next five years.
I know that if I wake up every morning and make an effort to grow my Synergy business, I will be rewarded, both in terms of customer satisfaction and prosperity. My own dreams have come true with Synergy and everyone is welcome on board!”


“The Grand Opening of Synergy Europe Headquarters in Barcelona, one of the most charming cities, was amazing. We all felt that we were witnessing something really great and important in the history of our company. We are all looking forward to the great things that will happen in the future. This weekend went beyond our expectations, because everything was so perfect: meeting with the greatest European leaders, having such wonderful corporate staff, the wonderful office and all the positive energy. We are so grateful to have been a part of it.”


“There was a great atmosphere as we listened to President Dan Norman, Vice President Carmelo D’Anzi and many other top leaders. The messages were fantastic and very important. They explained how Synergy is using innovation and the latest scientific discoveries to create products that restore health through proper nutrition. With so many exciting things happening in the future, Synergy is ready to tackle big projects, and with the new European Headquarters, we will be able to better help individual markets.”



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