Announcing Synergy Europe Headquarters!

Synergy Europe Headquarters is official open and operating in Spain’s seaside World Trade Center Barcelona. This is the first official Synergy office in Europe and we are excited to have a location on the ground in Europe to better support our wonderful Team Members.

Synergy Europe HQ will be home to many developing projects that will fuel Synergy Europe’s future growth. This office will be home to Carmelo D’Anzi, Vice President and General Manager for Europe, and Europe Sales & Marketing Liaison Nuno Carvalho.

Carmelo welcomed leaders from countries throughout Europe to gather in the new office, April 8-9, to commemorate the space. It was an exciting time to think about the possibilities awaiting Synergy in the near future.

May the opening of this Synergy Europe office be a sign that the Synergy WorldWide name is growing and that the executive team is serious about investing in Synergy Europe’s future.

We welcome all Team Members to visit the new Barcelona location and use the office as a space for meetings with potential customers or Team Members to grow the business and make this new location a useful tool.



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