Jimmy Rogers is a lifelong athlete, but really began testing his strength when he worked for Heineken many years ago lifting and carrying heavy cases and barrels of beer every day. As he grew stronger, he began to wonder what his body was capable of.

Jimmy has been bodybuilding for over 15 years and competes in multiple competitions. His love for the sport is apparent in his daily routines and activities, which reflect a health-conscious mindset. He spends countless hours at the gym, puts great effort into meal prep, and pays close attention to the nutrition he puts into his body.

Jimmy and his wife Louise run a nutrition shop in Naas Ireland where they act as distributors for a variety of supplements and nutritional products including Synergy’s products. It was a year ago that Jimmy first began using Synergy’s line of products and according to him, his experience has been incredible.

“I’ve loved my experience with Synergy,” Jimmy said. “Before the products, I was getting through my day but I was feeling tired.”

After he began using Synergy’s products he said that his daily activities seemed to become easier and that the products helped his body get into the swing of things that helped him find a beneficial routine which aided in his active lifestyle both inside and outside the gym.

Jimmy is no stranger to hard work, and being able to consistently perform at top levels in the gym can become a difficult task. To help with this, many bodybuilders take pre workouts in order to stay energetic and productive throughout their various exercises. Unfortunately, some pre workout supplements can have harmful effects on the body with extended use. With many of the available pre workouts having unsafe or overly processed substances, Jimmy decided to try e9 as an alternative to traditional pre workout supplements. Since using e9 he has felt increase in his energy levels and has continued to use it since.

Jimmy’s difficult routines and hard work have allowed him to be involved in countless bodybuilding competitions over the years; some of his accomplishments include:

  1. 1st Place - Irish Amateur Bodybuilding Organisation (IABO) 
  2. 3rd Place - Republic of Ireland Bodybuilding Federation 2012
  3. 3rd Place - Mr. Ireland 2014
  4. 3rd Place - Mr. Ireland 2015

Synergy is proud to have Jimmy as part of the team and looks forward to seeing all that he accomplishes in the future. We wish him the best in developing his Synergy business.



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