New Pearl Executive: Robert Suppan

Congratulations, to Robert Suppan of Austria, Synergy Europe’s newest Pearl Executive!

A chimney cleaner of 28 years, Robert still loves his profession, managing to balance his chimney cleaning business and Synergy business perfectly. His story is proof that Synergy fits into any lifestyle.

When he first discovered network marketing, he was intrigued by the idea that he could eventually remove the necessity of working a traditional job. Robert has been with Synergy since the Austrian market opened in 2008, and though Synergy is the first network marketing company he joined, his persistence with the business has led him to his first executive title.

He decide to become a Synergy Team Member because of the fast-acting results he experienced with the V3 System. Robert is a huge believer in the power of Mistify. The fact that Robert has had so many health benefits from Synergy products has made sharing the products a breeze. He said it has never been hard to convince others that Synergy products are top-of-the-line and that Synergy is a fantastic company to work for.

Robert’s entire team is made of up health-minded people, many of which have worked in the medical field in various capacities. Everyone is product-oriented and focused on contributing positive change to global health epidemics.

Thanks to Synergy, Robert’s health, his family’s health, and his family’s financial situation have improved substantially.

“I just want to give everyone the chance to improve their health and I want my family to be taken care of; that’s the legacy I want to leave,” Robert said.

To Robert, the best part about his Synergy business are the calls he gets from customers telling him how the products have helped them and improved their quality of life. If helping others is the business focus, the financial and recognition piece comes naturally.



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