Leader Spotlight - Mads Østvang

Mads Østvang is as versatile as they come. Throughout his life he’s worked as a logger, factory worker, carpenter, Norwegian military officer, a police officer responsible for investigation and operative services, and also completed a two and a half year college course in leadership. In addition, this father of two serves as an instructor of equestrianism and hang gliding. Mads knows the meaning of hard work but also ensures fun is part of the equation. “I have had a job since I was 12, so I learned early on how to work hard while focusing on goals.”

“We had to wait patiently for the opening of the Scandinavian market, but we realize that we'll be richly rewarded for our wait now that we can finally start building a network in Scandinavia." Today, because of his patience, hard work, and sincere care for others, Mads has achieved the rank of Emerald Executive, and by so doing, enabled success to be felt by Team Members worldwide. “I have had the pleasure of seeing how the products have enriched the lives of so many others. I enjoy meeting people as I travel and love to listen to their fantastic stories about our products. These kinds of results, both personal and business oriented, have confirmed to me that I definitely chose the right company!"



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