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maandag, augustus 06, 2012

Friday, Aug. 10: Synergy Closes Early

On Friday, August 10, Synergy WorldWide will be holding a companywide staff meeting. So that all employees can attend, Customer Service and the Synergy store will close early.

Hours will be as follows:

Customer Service: 13.00 – 20.00

As a reminder, you can also place orders and process new enrollments through Synergy Pulse.

Please contact Customer Service at 09000400130 if you have any questions.

Scheduled Web Outage This Weekend

Nature’s Sunshine Products, Synergy’s parent company, is moving to their new corporate headquarters this month. The move also includes relocating their servers to a brand new, state-of-the-art facility.

As a result, all of Synergy’s websites will be down during the move, including Synergy Pulse, MySynergy, and the sites.

Things will go offline starting at 22.00 on Friday, August 10 and will come back up on Sunday, August 12 by 23.59.

During the downtime, all Synergy website traffic will redirect to a maintenance page that lets people know we’re upgrading our systems.

Please help spread the word and inform your teams! You can contact Customer Service at 09000400130 if you have any questions.

Synergy WorldWide

Synergy WorldWide

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