Europe Summer Promotion - Cash Bonus

maandag, augustus 13, 2012

Congratulations to the following Team Members who rank advanced to Silver, Gold, and Team Leader during the month of July!

Now that you have earned one of the three titles mentioned, you have the opportunity to receive a cash bonus when you attend the 2012 Europe Summit in Copenhagen. To secure your bonus, all you need to do is maintain your current rank or rank advance from Silver, Gold, or Team Leader in the month of August.

  • Kjetil Dreyer – Team Leader (Norway)
  • Tove Irene Paulsen – Team Leader (Norway)
  • Mariano Del Castillo Morales – Gold (Spain)
  • Sylvi Nyborg – Gold (Norway)
  • Tor-martin Schancke – Gold (Norway)
  • Irene Persen – Gold (Norway)
  • Simon T Fox – Silver (United Kingdom)
  • Oddvar Krogstad – Silver (Norway)
  • Bjoern Stoekker – Silver (Norway)
  • Marie-therese Weissenhorn – Silver (Germany)
  • Yeleko Konate – Silver (Finland)
  • Trygve Fagersand – Silver (Norway)
  • Taina Marttinen – Silver (Finland)
  • Ruth Britsch – Silver (Germany)
  • Inge Wahlstrøm – Silver (Norway)
  • Jacqueline Tappauf – Silver (Austria)
  • Jaakko ja Riitta Matikainen – Silver (Finland)
  • Svein Olav Lien – Silver (Norway)
  • Merja-riitta Hämäläinen – Silver (Finland)
  • Thomas Voldmo – Silver (Norway)

Note: You must attend the Europe Summit in Copenhagen to receive your bonus.

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