2012 Europe Summit – Mads Østvang

At our Europe Summit in Copenhagen, Team Members from around the world will gather together to share in the excitement and success of Synergy WorldWide. Hear from top leaders, doctors, health experts, and Synergy’s corporate team as you learn the importance of heart health and see how Synergy WorldWide is at the forefront of the industry. Read more about the speakers below and be sure to register for the 2012 Europe Summit today!

Mads Østvang, Diamond Executive

When Diamond Executive, Mads Østvang, did his initial research on Synergy, he looked into the company, product, timing, and compensation plan and found that the company was strong in all four areas. Mads considered Synergy to be worthy of the highest grade. "I got involved with a group of very accomplished individuals who had previous success in this industry and we started testing the products. The feedback we received was amazing, and we eventually decided to commit ourselves to Synergy,” says Mads.

Synergy has also changed another aspect of Mads’ life; the products have given him renewed strength and energy. Mads continues, "I seem to be building up my strength just as quickly as I did when I was in my early 20s, and I am really impressed by the effect the products have had in regards to exercise. I have also had the pleasure of seeing how the products have enriched the lives of so many others. I enjoy meeting people as I travel and love to listen to their fantastic stories about our products. These kinds of results, both personal and business oriented, have confirmed to me that I definitely chose the right company!"

See you in Copenhagen!



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