15 Team Members Earn Free Summit Admission!

Congratulations to the following Team Members who have newly rank advanced to Bronze!

These individuals qualify for a non-refundable admission to the 2012 European Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark (189 Euro value).

  • Tone Bergquist (Norway)
  • Manuel Knauer (Germany)
  • Oddny Bukkvold (Norway)
  • Irena Kladivar (Austria)
  • Jorunn Holte (Norway)
  • Kjetil Dreyer (Norway)
  • Claudia Stoeber (Germany)
  • Geir Ove Vangen (Norway)
  • Jan Gunnar Steig (Norway)
  • Simon T Fox (United Kingdom)
  • Olaf Kistenmacher "My Life" (Germany)
  • Ricarda Schrogl (Germany)
  • Olaf Øien Storbækken (Norway)
  • Gro Hansen (Norway)
  • Bernhard Rekkedal (Norway)

Note: Summit tickets will be awarded after final commissions has been run.

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