2012 Europe Summit – Dane Iorg

At our Europe Summit in Copenhagen, Team Members from around the world will gather together to share in the excitement and success of Synergy WorldWide. Hear from top leaders, doctors, health experts, and Synergy’s corporate team as you learn the importance of heart health and see how Synergy WorldWide is at the forefront of the industry. Read more about the speakers below and be sure to register for the 2012 Europe Summit today!

Dane Iorg, Presidential Executive

Presidential Executive, Dane Iorg, has experienced a very rewarding and successful history with Synergy WorldWide. He strongly believes in maintaining a positive outlook and recognizes this as a major component to his success not only with Synergy WorldWide, but throughout his life. Dane states that, “No matter what your goals are, you just have to shut your eyes and ears and have the attitude that you’re not going to give up and that you’re going to succeed, no matter what.”

Dane’s key to success in network marketing is simply sharing what he has and what he knows. Dane counsels Team Members to, “Just tell people about the great products and the opportunity to be healthy and find financial success.” He continues, “It’s also important to get involved in the company. Learn about the products, read the brochures, and listen to the CDs and the weekly phone calls. The more you know, the better you can communicate the opportunity.”

See you in Copenhagen!



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