Online Sales Policy Reminder

Within the past few months, Synergy WorldWide has received multiple reports of Team Members selling Synergy products online. As clearly outlined in Synergy’s Policies and Procedures, Synergy does not allow products to be sold online through Amazon, eBay, or any other independently produced websites.

With the introduction of the Preferred Customer Program in Europe, Team Members and customers can order directly from Synergy WorldWide by using the corporate website, faxing the customer order form, and calling Customer Service.

Ordering directly from Synergy WorldWide allows customers to buy Synergy products at wholesale, the exact same price as Team Members. And with the opportunity to earn 25 percent in Elite Rebate, the need for product markup is eliminated. The Preferred Customer Program enables Team Members to focus on building their downlines instead of having to deal with the logistics of reselling the product and maintaining customer service as these services are taken care of by Synergy.

Synergy is in the process of creating replicated websites for all markets in Europe. Until these websites become available, Team Members are allowed to create their own websites as long as they are approved by Synergy Compliance and no products are sold. Attached are FAQs to help clarify common concerns.

If you need further clarification, please direct all questions and concerns to Customer Service. Your compliance is appreciated.

See New Member FAQs below

Internet use

Question: Can Team Members sell Synergy products online?
Answer: No, Synergy does not allow products to be sold online through eBay, Amazon, or any other independently produced websites.

Return Policy

Question: Can products be returned to Synergy WorldWide?
Answer: Yes, Team Members may receive 100 percent on their initial order after the product trial period. This is part of the money back guarantee which allows new Team Members to try the product risk free. For subsequent orders, Team Members are entitled Receive 90 percent back on unused product. All product returns must be made within 90 days of purchase. Shipping costs are not refundable.

Question: How do I return product?
Answer: In order to return product to Synergy WorldWide, Team Members must call customer service and receive a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number. Customer Service will instruct Team Members on where to return the product. Once the returned product is received, a refund will then be issued to the Team Member. Refunds are given via the method of the original payment.

International Sales

Question: Can products be sold in countries not yet opened to Synergy WorldWide?
Answer: No, products can only be sold in the market they are purchased.

Retail Establishments

Question: Can a product be sold in a retail establishment i.e. stores, pharmacies, etc.?
Answer: No, products can only be sold in service related establishments i.e. Doctor’s offices, Health Clubs, Beauty Establishments, etc. where a Team Member is present. Prior approval must be obtained by Synergy WorldWide.

Downline Rating (unfair competition)

Question: Can Team Members recruit other Team Members from a different downline?
Answer: No, Team Members may not attempt to persuade other Team Members to move from one downline to another.

Question: Can Team Members solicit other Team Members to join another business other than Synergy WorldWide?
Answer: No, active Team Members cannot be recruited to another network marketing or direct selling company other than Synergy WorldWide.

Beneficial Interest

Question: Can Team Members have more than one account with Synergy WorldWide?
Answer: No, Team Members may not have more than one account with Synergy WorldWide.

Question: Can Team Members have an individual account as well as a business account?
Answer: No, Team Members cannot have interest in both a business account and individual account. They are only allowed to have one Synergy account.

Question: Can a family unit i.e. husband and wife, partners, or anyone living in the same household have separate accounts?
Answer: Yes, only if they have the same sponsor and are placed on the same leg.



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