New Team Director: Kim Bradley

Just days before Summit 2016 in Vienna, Kim Bradley of the United Kingdom achieved the Team Director title, and Synergy was delighted to bring her on stage to personally congratulate her. In addition to being recognized for achieving Team Director, Kim was surprised with the Foundation of Excellence Award for her outstanding leadership in the United Kingdom.

Kim’s team knew how close she was to becoming a Team Director and pushed their businesses in September to boost her to the new title. Her team’s willingness to support her in this effort proves that her team is composed of individuals who are not only colleagues, but friends and advocates. Kim said her team’s efforts on her behalf were humbling, to say the least.

Before finding Synergy, Kim worked in the health industry as a deep tissue masseuse and emotional wellness coach. The skills she learned as a wellness coach seamlessly carried over into her Synergy business as she has trained dozens of successful business builders and helped many find healthier lifestyles using Synergy products.

Kim has been working for years to establish a dedicated team with strong communication skills. She has established communication habits within her team using WhatsApp, Facebook, team calls, and more, so that everyone is informed and supported. This constant communication creates an atmosphere of family and belonging. Every person on her team, no matter their position, is given the same attention and is helped equally. Her team is well trained and focused on becoming Elite Honors qualified every month. Currently, they are testing out the new limited-time-offer Purify Kit so that they will be equipped with testimonials when the official kit launches. The team’s passion for Synergy and excitement for the future can largely be owed to Kim’s enthusiasm, organization, and unique leadership.

"Soon after starting my Synergy business, I realized that to build a big business it takes someone who can hold strong and steady vision of success for the team as a whole and for the individuals within the team,” Kim said. “People may wobble or lose confidence, but they need to know that they have a steady rock to gravitate back to, someone who will always believe in their ability to be successful. In the beginning, I decided to be that person. Now, I have many others on my team that hold the same strong vision."

One of the most valuable bits of advice Kim ever received as a Synergy Team Member was from Diamond Executive Bart Woodcook who told her to share “positive gossip.” While gossip is normally considered a negative thing, Kim gossips about her colleague’s victories and collective team’s successes. She always shows appreciation to her team and shares in their excitement as they grow as Synergy leaders.

“It’s all about being consistent,” Kim said. “At first, you feel like it’s only you plugging away, but if you keep the faith, further down the road you will find fantastic leadership within your team that will help you make things happen. Initially, though, you have to be the one who is focused.”



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