New Pearl Executive: Teri Rigby

Teri Rigby’s team is moving up, and they’re moving up quickly. Only a few months after earning the Team Elite title, Teri has clinched the Pearl Executive title, becoming the second Team Member from the United Kingdom in Synergy history to obtain an executive pin level. She is proud of the people in her team who recently earned the Team Leader and Team Manager titles that boosted her to her new position.

While her six months with Synergy have put her and her team on a steep learning curve, Teri’s organization remains positive and forward-thinking, and after attending her first Synergy Summit in Vienna, Teri said she is more motivated now than ever before.

“Synergy is the only company I’ve worked with that makes you feel that Synergy corporate and those in the field are working as a team,” Teri said. “I feel we are all together in this great movement.”

Growing up, Teri was always involved in sports, exceling in both netball and basketball. She played on the best netball team in Great Britain and played basketball in college. Her lifelong love for team sports drew her to the teamwork mentality found in the network marketing industry. Establishing goals, playing fairly, and putting in the hours that are necessary to achieve greatness are all principles Teri has carried over from her athletic career to her network marketing career, and she has found that Synergy WorldWide promotes these principles.

In the 70s, when Teri was 22 years old, she decided to give network marketing a try. Within the company she joined, she achieved the top level of success. Her husband’s job took her to Germany where they raised three children. Later, Teri moved back to the United Kingdom to join a network marketing company with her mother. Teri spent 20 years with this company and, again, became a top leader, but when opportunities in the UK dwindled, she turned to a company with expanding horizons: Synergy WorldWide.

“We’re going to bring a big Synergy wave to the UK,” Teri said. “To get this going my team is getting up earlier and going to bed later.”

Though Teri is now among Synergy’s executive leaders, she admits she has a lot to learn and makes a point to continue learning and improving every day. She is currently working on becoming a better presenter and a better role model, hoping to be more like her sponsors Diamond Executive Bart Woodcook and Presidential Executive Paul Blad and the role models they are.

“I have work to do,” Teri said. “I’m still incredibly positive, though. My mother taught me that if you see someone negative, run the other way.”

Eager for Synergy’s future, Teri is preparing her team for the exciting products and programs to come. Her organization is testing the limited-time-offer Purify Kit so that they will be equipped with testimonials when the official Purify Kit is launched. She loves the simplicity of Synergy’s product programs and knows simplicity will bring people into the business.

“It’s my job to keep things simple,” Teri said. “Things that are complicated won’t be duplicated and this business cannot work without duplication.”

Teri believes Synergy provides an amazing opportunity, purely because the company and products have the potential to help so many. She is honored to be affiliated with a company that invests so much into technology and science in order to make the highest quality products in the world. For this reason, she has no problem talking to everyone she meets about Synergy WorldWide.

“Synergy WorldWide takes network marketing to another level,” Teri said.



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