Congratulations September Go Elite Earners

An elite group of  Synergy Team Members went beyond the call of duty in September by not only becoming Elite Honors Qualified, but training those they sponsor to become Elite Honors Qualified. By fulfilling the Elite Honors requirements and sponsoring requirements, these Team Members earned Go Elite bonuses based on the number of Elite Honors Qualifiers they sponsored. Click here to learn more about the Go Elite Promotion.

Synergy WorldWide paid out €18400 in Go Elite bonuses in September. Amazing! We hope that this payout will continue to increase until the Go Elite promotion ends on December 31, 2016.

Challenge yourself to Go Elite this month!

September 2016 Go Elite Earners

Sponsored 10+ Elite Honors Qualifiers
Amount earned: €1200

Franz Friess
Bostjan Pilej

Sponsored 4-9 Elite Honors Qualifiers
Amount earned: €500

Corinna Froewein
Robert Suppan
Sabine Feitl
Roman Tanzler
Janos Kovacs
Susanne Kupske
Gianluca Daneri
Mohneesh Jindal
Emeka And Prisca Okakpu
Alan Williams
Sue & Matt Thomas
Claire Snowdon-Darling

Sponsored 2-3 Elite Honors Qualifiers
Amount earned: €250

Hakan Cetin
Elfriede Tappauf
Karl Tappauf
Markus Klampfl
Ingried Sindler
Melissa Kelbic
Helmut Jelinek
Maria Proskovits
Alois Proskovits
Augustine Schlack
Christian Petritsch
Andrea Bendekovics
Christoph Salvenmoser
Anita Vidovitsch
Sonja Simbuerger
Birgit Lindner
Regina & Antti Ahola
Christine & Hansy Herrmann
Keith Robinson
Mary Booth
Maria Corbet
Oistein Bekkvang
Sylvia  Furali
Gunlaug Olsen
Roger Kilaas
Marianne Henriksen
Christer Sverre
Jacek & Marta Cieślik
Nada Štrovs
Dragica Likar
Stanko Boros
Unni & Karl Warpe
Lena Ljungdahl
Brith Larsson
Eivor Augustsson
Terry Rigby
Rebecca Winters
Kim And Terry Briggs
Gill Barham
Julie Dalton

Thank you to all of the listed Team Members for their exceptional leadership in teaching their teams that following Elite Honors is the financial road map to success. We appreciate your hard work and dedication you put into building a team that will Leave a Legacy.



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