donderdag, juni 09, 2016

Congratulations to all of the Team Members who qualified to attend Synergy’s distinguished Team Manager Academy from June 16-19 at the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol in Telfs, Austria.

These individuals either achieved the Team Manager rank for the first time, exceeded their Team Manager rank after attending TMA in 2015, or sponsored an individual who achieved the Team Manager rank while maintaining or exceeding the Team Manager rank themselves.

These are some of the greatest leaders within Synergy Europe today. We can’t wait to recognize the monumental efforts they’ve put into growing their Synergy businesses over the past year as we enjoy this beautiful mountain retreat.

Qualified Team Members:

Robert Suppan
Christoph Suppan
Ingried Sindler
Siegfried Feitl
Stefan Doerfler
Franz Friess & Ana Vajda-Friess
Mag Augustine Schlack
Werner Gaisch
Helmut Jelinek
Klaus Unterhuber
Sandra Huebsch

Czech Republic
Zdenek Sladek
Petr Majer
Stefan Richtarik

Anna-Maija & Hannu Kreivi
Mervi & Janne Korkeakangas
Sari Pulkka
Marja-Liisa & Juha Määttänen

Dr. Anthony Oketah
James Booth
Keith Robinson
Mohneesh Jindal

Maurizio Biasci
Gianluca Daneri
Antonio Paruta
Marco Biagiono

Martin Østvang
Stein Magne Osmoen

Dietmar Dahmen

United Kingdom
Berit Reaver
Teri Rigby

United States
Bart Woodcook

Congratulations again to these individuals for qualifying! We look forward to seeing you at Team Manager Academy and are eager to help you take your business even further this year.

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