New Team Director: Sandra Hübsch

The health benefits Sandra Hübsch witnessed her family experiencing after taking Synergy products is the reason Sandra became an enthusiastic product advocate who takes great pride in her Synergy business.

Sandra discovered Synergy WorldWide in 2008 through her sponsor Pearl Executive Robert Suppan. After enjoying many years of good health with Synergy products, Sandra decided to dedicate herself and her time to Synergy WorldWide in 2014. In 2015, she said goodbye to her full time job and was truly committed to establishing a prosperous Synergy business.

Today, she speaks passionately about the honorable company Synergy WorldWide is and presents both its products and business opportunity to everyone she knows and meets.

Sandra is the perfect Synergy Team Member because she can be describes in a few words as a team player.  Nothing gives her more joy than helping and serving others.

“The reason for my success if primarily due to my enthusiasm for the products and the Compensation Plan, which is built on teamwork,” Sandra said. “I want to introduce many more people to Synergy and its advantages. My goals, my health, and my life has changed for the better.”

She looks forward to her future with Synergy, and knows that with the support of her partner Klaus and daughter Nina, anything is possible.



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