TitlePlus and 2x2 Promotion Earners Announced!

woensdag, november 21, 2012

Congratulations to the following Team Members for earning a bonus for through the TitlePlus Promotion!

Team Director Level Bonus - €1000

Solveig Fagerheim (Norway)
Galyna Rajala (Finland)

Team Director Sponsor Bonus - €250

Reidun Lydersen Dalheim (Norway)
Miimu Jaatinen (Finland)

Team Manager Level Bonus - €700

Bob Eriksson (Sweden)
Erik Spinnangr (Norway)
Karina Kirk (Denmark)
Ingrid Hanevold (Norway)
Heikki Lehtola (Finland)

Team Manager Sponsor Bonus - €150

Heidi Byrkjeland (Sweden)
Solveig Fagerheim (Norway)
Kristiina Laihi (Finland)

Team Leader Level Bonus - All expense paid trip (excluding travel) to Team Manager Academy

Elisabeth Unger (Austria)
Mariano Del Castillo Morales (Spain)
Tormod Holt (Norway)

Gold Level Bonus - Synergy Branded iPad

Lila Köngäs-saarikko (Finland)
Olav Kuvås (Norway)
Geir Ove Vangen (Norway)

Silver Level Bonus - 2 Nights Hotel and registration to Gold Camp

Brede Bergan (Norway)
Steinar Furali (Norway)

Bronze Level Bonus - Free Product Package (Worth Approximately €80)

Tom och Eirik Annaniassen (Norway)
Georgina Lillywhite (United Kingdom)
Sally Macleod (United Kingdom)
Mrs Greenway (Finland)
Bodil Tamlagsrønning (Norway)
Janne Johansen (Norway)
Eilen Austli (Norway)
Arnt Joar Lien (Norway)

Star Level Bonus - Free Product Package (Worth Approximately €55)

Andrew Wilkinson (Spain)
Katrin Sacks (Germany)
Eivind Are Endresen (Norway)
Hannu Olkkonen (Finland)
Tove Mette Viktil (Norway)
Katri Remes (Finland)
Wenche Birgitte Skoglund (Norway)
Jan Ove Sorken (Norway)
Dorothee Fuchs (Germany)
Bente Nytrø (Norway)
Inge Dahl (Norway)
Wojciech Lisiewicz (Poland)
Aromas De Cuna Sl (Spain)
Marjatta Kohonen (Finland)
Tapani Ristolainen (Finland)
Elisabeth Kalsnes (Norway)
Helena Pylkkö (Finland)
Caterina Alvarez Castrillon (Spain)
Merja Heikkinen (Finland)
Oumar Camara (Netherlands)
Shona Bradbury (United Kingdom)
Rigmor Høgli (Norway)
Andreas Pedersen (Norway)
Pirkko Sirviö (Finland)
Aino Turunen (Finland)
Ilda Maria Henriques Miraldes (Spain)
Jan Nygaard (Norway)
Pirjo Poikonen (Finland)

Don’t miss out! The TitlePlus promotion will continue through February, 2013. We encourage all Team Members throughout Europe to work hard and rank advance for the first time and maintain or exceed that rank advancement for additional months to earn more TitlePlus bonuses.

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2x2 Builder Bonus Earners
Team Members who earned a 2x2 Builder Bonus in the month of October. Learn how you can earn extra cash...

Atle Vabø (Norway)
Rigmor Krogstad (Norway)
Alfanso Vilches Del Castillo (Spain)
Magny Lien (Norway)
Rafael Lopez Torrecilla (Spain)
Robert Cieślik (Poland)

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