2012 Title Plus Bonus Promotion

Synergy announces the TitlePlus Bonus promotion for Europe! This is an exciting promotion that allows Europe Team Members to earn extra money for building their Synergy business.

From September 2012 thru February 2013, European Team Members who rank advance for the first time, and maintain or exceed that rank advancement for additional months can earn a TitlePlus Bonus! Let’s explain how this works.


Tier One – Achieve any of the titles below for the first time and maintain or exceed them in a second month during the promotion period to earn the following Title Plus Bonuses:
*Must be Autoship qualified each month

Tier Two – Achieve Team Manager or Team Director for the first time and earn a Title Plus Cash Bonus.  Maintain or exceed that title a second and third month during the promotion period to earn additional Title Plus Cash Bonuses.
*Must be Autoship qualified each month

TitlePlus Match – When the people you sponsor earn the Team Manager and Team Director Title Plus Cash Bonuses, you can receive the following MATCHING bonuses.
*Must earn the same Title or higher that month and be Autoship qualified

Example: You earn Team Manager for the first time in September. You maintain that title in October, and then earn Team Director in November. In December you maintain the Team Director title, but do not in January. Finally, in February you earn Team Director for a third time in the promotion period. Your personal sponsor is earning the Team Director title each month and you both are autoship qualified. You and your sponsor’s payout would be as follows:
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