Summit 2016 in Review

The event that unites Synergy WorldWide Europe every year has come and gone, and this year, Summit 2016 did much more than unite Synergy Team Members across European markets. It was the first step toward uniting Team Members globally under one message and one product system.

With a turnout of nearly 1,500 Team Members, Summit 2016 in Vienna was the largest Synergy Europe event to date. The Wiener Stadthalle was bustling with Summit attendees beginning Thursday, September 22, who were eager to check in, reconnect with friends, and later, attend the red carpeted Welcome Reception. The reception space was packed with Team Members dancing to music spun by a live DJ. Attendees also enjoyed a Mozart impersonator, professional dancers, living statues and caricature artists. This action-packed party set the perfect mood for all of the excitement to come in the Summit sessions.

The first session kicked off September 23 with the annual Parade of Nations, followed by inspired words from Synergy President Dan Norman and Founder Dan Higginson. Both touched on where Synergy has been and where it’s going, in addition to introducing the 5 Pillars of Success—compensation plan, product, leadership, corporate support, and business system. These five pillars reappeared many times throughout the Summit presentations to communicate the structure of a successful network marketing company. The first session ended with perhaps the most anticipated and valued presentation of the entire Summit, the launch of Elite Health. Chief Executive Officer Greg Probert introduced Elite Health and its accompanying product system—Purify, Fortify and Protect—as the future of Synergy. Team Members rushed to the Summit Store following the session to purchase the limited-time-offer Purify Kit, which sold out in less than three hours.

To start the second session, Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Matthew Tripp shared his expert
knowledge on achieving Elite Health through the microbiome, delving into the science behind Synergy’s new Purify Kit products and explaining how these products work individually and collectively to purify the microbiome. Next, Aaron McCain, Director of Marketing, previewed Synergy’s new digital tools, including a newly designed corporate site, simplified shopping and enrollment experience, new replicated sites, and a new, easy-to-use Pulse back office (to be launched later this year). High-achieving Elite Honors qualifiers and Go Elite bonus earners were then recognized, followed by a presentation from one of the most successful Elite Honors qualifiers, Pearl Executive Franz Friess. He taught Team Members how to duplicate by combining the Elite Honors business model and the Purify Kit. Triple Presidential Executive Mark Comer brought the session and day to a close by making parallels to Synergy Korea, before the market exploded with success, and Synergy Europe today. Now with a defined product system and unified messaging, Synergy Europe is poised for explosive growth!

Later that evening, the VIP Reception was hosted in the Hotel Imperial in an ornate and elegant atmosphere—perfect for Synergy’s Elite. New and returning qualifiers dressed to impress, enjoying a sophisticated night with top leaders and executives and refined cuisine.

Saturday began with a special breakout session on protecting your Synergy business, featuring Chief Compliance Officer Richard Strulson, after which the third Summit session began with inspiring words on leadership from Double Presidential Executive Dianne Leavitt. A group of Europe’s top leaders gathered on stage for a panel discussion that touched on topics relating to the 5 Pillars of Success, followed by the recognition of new Team Leaders, Team Managers, and Team Directors. The session came to a close after Vice President of Europe Carmelo D’Anzi revealed his vision for Synergy Europe and called everyone in the audience to action in hopes of making this vision a reality.

At his first-ever European Summit, special guest Triple Presidential Executive Yun Tae Hwang of Korea uncovered his secrets to success to begin the fourth session. The audience was glued to Yun Tae as he revealed how he was able to find explosive success in network marketing. His presentation was the perfect beginning to the end of another fantastic Summit. As is tradition, the year’s highest-achieving Team Members were the stars of the fourth session. For the first time in Europe Summit history, the Top Recruiter and Top Business Builder of the year were recognized. Five Team Elites and nine Legacy Award winners were also called to stage to receive their rewards. Finally, the newest members of the Million Dollar Club Øistein Bekkvang and Stefan Patrik Kristoffersen of Norway were congratulated, followed by new Pearl Executives Robert Suppan of Austria and Teri Rigby of the UK, then last but not least, Synergy’s newest Diamond Executive Bart Woodcook of Spain.

Synergy Founder Dan Higginson was the last person to take the stage. His moving words encouraged Team Members throughout Europe to make Synergy one of the top network marketing companies in the business with the Elite Health message. Summit 2016 is the start of big things for Synergy Europe! Thanks to all who attended and made it a huge success.



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