Norway Team Member Race for Synergy

Inspired by IAM Cycling, a group of Synergy Norway Team Members assembled themselves to create their own cycling team in pursuit of better health and to share the Synergy message. And it all started with a simple challenge that Presidential Executive Mads Østvang issued to his team to complete the Trysilrittet, a well-known cycling race in Norway.

Led in part by Emerald Executive Stefan Patrik Kristoffersen, the team has developed a passion for cycling over the summer. From June to August, the team competed in three races donning IAM Cycling jerseys donated by the official Synergy sponsored IAM Cycling professional team.

A total of six Team Members completed the Trysilrittet through Trysil’s majestic mountains. Stefan Patrik said one of the stand-out individuals on their team is 70-year-old Olav Hindseth who was able to complete the 75 k Trysilrittet much faster than many of his younger competitors.  The team looks forward to repeating this race again next summer, involving as many Synergy Team Members as possible to raise money for Synergy’s non-profit partner 5 Star Legacy.

Fully engaged in the Leave a Legacy mission, Norwegian Team Members participated in and completed the Activ Against Cancer Osensjøen Rundt, a 61 km cycling race established to raise money for hospitals that treat children battling cancer.

Most recently, 12 Team Members competed in their longest race yet, the 86 km Birkebeinerrittet, Norway’s largest cycling race. Team Members participating relied on Synergy products to help them energize before and during the race, and recover after crossing the finish line.

We applaud all of these Team Members for their proactivity in sharing Synergy’s message by participating in health and charity-driven events and activities!



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