New Team Elite: Teri Rigby

Look out for this new powerhouse business woman. Just a few months after becoming a Synergy Team Member, Teri Rigby of the United Kingdom is one step away from reaching the executive ranks. With nearly 30 years of experience in network marketing, Teri came to Synergy with high goals and a team that has dreams to take Synergy UK and Synergy Europe to new levels of success. Since enrolling, Teri has recruited a number of talented, successful people to her team. What she has accomplished in such a short time is truly remarkable.

“These past few months have been chaos, but good chaos,” Teri said. “We are all making sure that we are doing things right from the beginning. My team is really excited even though everyone isn’t quite sure what they’re doing yet. What they do know is they’re doing something good. We’ve all caught the Synergy bug. There is such energy with Synergy.”

Teri said that upon joining Synergy WorldWide, a number of her business partners were engaged in the business part-time. Their excitement for Synergy and the future of Synergy has caused these individuals to become re-engaged in the business.

In the 70s, when Teri was 22 years old, she decided to become a network marketing distributor. Within the company she joined, she achieved their top level of success. Her husband’s job took her to Germany where they raised three children. Later, Teri moved back to the United Kingdom to join a network marketing company with her mother. After spending 20 years with this network marketing company, Teri became a top leader, but when opportunities in the UK dwindled for this company, she turned to a company with expanding opportunities: Synergy WorldWide.

“We’re going to bring a big Synergy wave to the UK,” Teri said. “To get this going my team is getting up earlier and going to bed later.”

In addition to becoming a Team Elite in April, Teri also earned the Go Elite 10 bonus, and said the Elite Honors earnings model has been hugely helpful to her team as they find their footing in the business. They latched onto the model immediately, and with Teri’s support, became Elite Honors qualified. Teri lives the concept of leading by example and knows that she cannot promote anything unless she is willing to do it herself.

 “My next goal it to make Pearl Executive before September, but my real, real goal is to get all of the people I work with to a level in the business where they are really achieving,” Teri said. “I feel responsible for making sure they do well and do well fairly quickly.”

Working with Synergy has been a breath of fresh air for Teri. The executives and leaders have been incredibly enthusiastic and supportive, and Synergy evokes a contagious youthful vibrancy that is spreading throughout her team. She feels the difference with Synergy is thrilled to think about what the future will bring.



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