Austria Claims Three Go Elite 10 Bonuses

Once again, Synergy Austria is wowing everyone with their Elite Honors successes. Nearly one-third of all the European Team Members who became Elite Honors qualified in April are from Austria. In addition, all three of the individuals who earned the Go Elite 10 bonus are from Austria, including Pearl Executive Franz Friess who has earned the Go Elite 10 bonuses six times since the promotion began.

Now, two of Franz’s partners, Maria Proskovits and Helmut Jelinek, have earned the Go Elite 10 bonus of €1200 for the first time. They have both demonstrated impeccable leadership skills and dedication in order to sponsor 10 Elite Honors qualifiers.

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Once Maria realized she could easily sponsor two Elite Honors qualifiers and then four Elite Honors qualifiers, she set a goal to sponsor 10. With the help of her mentor Franz Friess and his expert planning skills, she achieved this goal and is incredibly proud of not only herself, but her team. This is her eighth Elite Honors qualification.

She believes the combination of Elite Honors and the Go Elite promotion creates an ingenious business model that motivates Team Members to define their goals and chase them. With the help of her team and her husband Alois, Maria clearly defined her goals at the beginning of April, which led to their successful completion.

“Elite Honors simplifies the way you build your business,” Maria said. “Synergy WorldWide has such a great earnings model that helps partners, which supports qualifying for Elite Honors.”


Ever since Helmut signed Synergy’s Getting Started form in 2010 and then invest his time into the business in 2011, he has seen his life improve financially and his health improve overall.

It wasn’t until August of 2015 that the concept of Elite Honors and Go Elite was revealed to European Team Members before its official launch. Since then, Helmut has been Elite Honors qualified nine times, which means he has qualified every month. And in his ninth qualification month, he also managed to sponsor ten Elite Honors qualifiers, which earned him the Go Elite 10 bonus.

“Elite Honors is special,” Helmut said. “The success of your partners and customers are strengthened through the simplicity and discipline it teaches.”

Helmut said he and his team have taken the Elite Honors business model seriously and found that it is duplicable and beneficial to all.

“The business structure is stable, the customers enjoy a regular service, and we bring in new customers and partners every month,” he said.

Synergy WorldWide wants to improve the living conditions of all mankind with the Leave a Legacy message, and through Elite Honors, Helmut believes his team is on the road to making this happen.



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