GM Message July 2013: True Wellness

Rob Lord, Western Europe GM
To truly have a happy, healthy and productive life, we need to be healthy in all aspects and we can break this down into five areas: we should strive not only for physical health, but also to be healthy financially, socially, intellectually and spiritually. The two most obvious areas where Synergy Worldwide makes an impact in our wellness are physically and financially. But Synergy can also impact other the other aspects of people’s lives as well.

I want to share some thoughts on the first three areas and continue next month in looking at the remaining two.

1. Physical Wellness 
Our physical condition is in good order when we can tackle every day with enough energy and vitality to accomplish every task, conquer every challenge and savour every experience of that day—not only when we are 20, 30 or 40 years old but when we are 50, 60, 70 and yes, even 80 years old. When our health is gone, we may still be alive, but we will no longer be living or enjoying life. Exercising and supplementing with the best nutritional products has everything to do with maintaining our physical wellness, and no one provides better nutrition supplementation than Synergy.

2. Financial Wellness 
Financial wellness is more than being able to pay your bills and still have a little extra cash. It’s when you don’t have to worry about a job loss or pay cuts, when your work doesn’t take too much time away from your family and when you’re well on your way to being debt-free that you have financial wellness.

Your financial situation can either bring a lot of stress and worry or a lot of security. Synergy’s compensation plan was created with economic wellness in mind. You can have true peace of mind when your house is paid off, your savings and retirement funds are secure and your future plans are not limited by money; and many have proven that with Synergy all that is possible. We can all decide to be financially “well”. It is only a matter of commitment, hard work and dedication.

3. Social Wellness
We are socially well when we have many friends, when our name is spoken with trust and when we are
respected for our willingness to help others. Synergy’s products and business plan provide a tremendous opportunity to make new friends and numerous opportunities for social activities.

Our family relationships, the most important relationships we have, are also part of our social wellness. The pace of today’s society can take us away from our family and sometimes causes people to sacrifice family relationships to the degree that this most precious part of our lives gets almost totally ignored. This is a tragedy and should never be allowed to happen! The atmosphere of our homes should be one of togetherness, patience, tolerance and understanding. Without time together, that can never happen. This is something that my wife, Liz, and I constantly discuss and review as we strive to maintain the right balance in our lives for us to be better, more effective parents to our four children.

One of the most encouraging parts of building your Synergy business is being able to spend more time together as a family. Perhaps the future opportunity to no longer leave home to go to work before the kids get up. Being able to take an afternoon off to be there for an important school activity. The opportunity to create a stronger relationship with your spouse by building a business together; the opportunity to leave a legacy!

It’s hard to measure the value that a healthy family relationship has on our lives or even on the strength of our community, but I believe if we could measure it, it would be enormous!

Next month I will share some ideas on intellectual wellness and spiritual wellness as Synergy can be a major contributor in all areas of wellness, either directly or indirectly. As a company, we will continue to strive to be worthy of the title “Leave a Legacy” and we hope that you can continue to endorse both the title and the concept.

See you soon!



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