Current Good Manufacturing Practices Certification

Synergy WorldWide adheres to a specific set of manufacturing guidelines known as cGMPs or current Good Manufacturing Practices.

In June 2010, the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) documented specific requirements that apply to all manufacturers of dietary supplements. Due to the time, effort, and money that it takes for manufacturers to implement and adhere to these guidelines, many nutritional supplement companies choose to outsource their manufacturing to third party manufacturers.

Synergy WorldWide is committed to providing you with the very best nutritional supplements in the world. By manufacturing our own products in-house and by adhering to all quality standards set forth by the different government bodies, we control every process of manufacturing from start to finish. In doing so, we can guarantee the quality, safety, and purity of our products because we do our own sourcing, testing and manufacturing.

cGMPs guidelines are required and enforced along every step of manufacturing – from the sourcing of raw materials and the procedures used to manufacture to the proper training of employees and the condition of facilities.

Learn all about Synergy’s commitment to quality in the Quality Assurance brochure. Click here to download and begin reading.



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