Earn Prizes & Cash Towards Your Trip to Torino!

With the 2018 Summit fast approaching, the Torino Magica promotion will soon come to a close. Synergy Team Members are working hard for top positions in the Torino Magica ranks, where they can earn cool prizes, and €400 to €1500 to put toward their Summit experience this October!

We are so proud of our Synergy Team Members who are putting their best efforts into earning prizes, cash, and building successful businesses across Europe in the name of Elite Health. Synergy reached out to a few of them, to share their experiences with the promotion excitement for the Summit.

Boštjan Pilej

A Synergy Team Member since 2013, Boštjan has always been hard working and puts tremendous effort into utilizing the various promotions Synergy offers each year.

“We love all types of promotions. It is always an incredible opportunity to capitalize on them,” Boštjan said. “Torino Magica is a great way for me to put even more focus on crucial business building practices: helping team members to grow, increasing customer volume, maintaining the stability of our business, and attending events.”

Boštjan, as well as nine other individuals from his team, are currently ranked in the top 100. Together, they are thrilled to earn money toward their Summit experience.

“Summits bring more determination, show us a bigger picture for Synergy, and help us to develop our own vision,” Boštjan said. “Without attending Summit events, nobody would be able to fully succeed.”

Sue Thomas
United Kingdom

All of the Synergy Summit events center on team building and promoting growth as a company. Sue Thomas, a Team Member based in the U.K., knows this all too well.

“Attending the Summit creates a real community amongst my immediate team, and that of the wider U.K. team as well,” Sue said. “Sharing best practices, learning from others, and being inspired to achieve are all part of the value that comes from attending any summit.”

Sue, who is currently ranked in the Torino Magica top 20, loves the promotion and the opportunities it presents for expanding her business.

“Each month I focus on succeeding at a number of practical building activities,” Sue said. “This not only increases my monthly checks, but has also helped build up points toward the Summit promotion. It’s so simple really – if you follow your targets, your business will grow!”

Martin Eng

It did not take long for Martin Eng to become excited about Synergy’s opportunities. After joining as a new Team Member in 2016, Martin attended the Summit in Barcelona the following year and solidified his desire to be part of the Synergy family.

“The Barcelona Summit was a great opportunity for me,” Martin said. “I was able to meet like-minded people and have conversations with important leaders like Bart Woodcook, and simply being able to converse with him in person helped me become more motivated to build successfully with Synergy.”

Martin, who is close to breaking into the top 100 of the Torino Magica promotion, is looking forward to the Torino Summit for many of the same reasons that made his experience in Barcelona so special. And with the Torino Magica promotion, he feels even more motivation to commit to attending the Summit in October.

“With Torino Magica, you need to work with a plan,” Martin explained. “This promotion really shows us, as distributors, that not only should we attend the Summit, but that we can earn a place at event.”

Even though Martin is a recent Team Member, his vision for the future is already focused on changing the lives of those around him.

“My ‘why’ with Synergy began with the desire to become healthy, to earn free products,” Martin said. “But at some point, it changed to helping the lives of other people. It turned into an opportunity to change the days and lives of those around me, and if I look forward now, I know that I want to be independent, to travel, and to do all I can to help others.”

We want to thank these individuals for sharing their experiences. We hope everyone is as excited as we are to meet and learn together at the 2018 Summit. Take this opportunity to earn extra cash before this promotion ends. For a reminder on the requirements and qualifications for the Torino Magica promotion, click here to learn how you can earn points today.



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