Customer Service Hours Update

zaterdag, april 14, 2018

Beginning Monday, April 16, the Barcelona office will be taking Customer Service calls for the U.K., Ireland, Spain, and the Netherlands.

Until further notice, the corporate call center in the United States will continue taking calls for those markets after the Barcelona office closes. For the time being, please enjoy these extended Customer Service hours:
  • 8 AM — 9 PM BST
  • 9 AM — 10 PM CET

As these extended hours will operate only temporarily, the regular schedule for Customer Service hours of operation in these markets will be the following:
  • 8 AM — 5 PM BST
  • 9 AM — 6 PM CET

We will publish an update once we have our new European phone numbers in place, as well as when the extended hours are no longer available.

  • U.K.: 0800-917-3547
  • Ireland:1800-818-366
  • Netherlands: 08002900013
  • Spain: 900 816 762

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