Last year your rank advanced. This year you want Title Plus cash? We’ve got good news for you!

Many fantastic Team Members achieved new pin levels in 2017 with Title Volume fueling their advancement. This year, Synergy Europe will go back to the original program, with pin level simply being determined by monthly weak leg volume. Those who earned their highest titles in 2017 without much weak leg volume may think they are far from their next title, and therefore, far from earning a Title Plus bonus. But, have no fear! Your Title Plus cash is closer than you think.

For the purposes of the Title Plus promotion, Synergy will consider your rank based on the highest monthly weak leg volume you accumulated in 2017.

For example:
• If you achieved Gold in 2017 using what we called “Title Volume” (a combination of TC1 volume, weak leg volume, and Elite Rebate CV)…
• but in your best month you only had 600 CV in weak leg volume…
• you will be starting your Title Plus journey as a Star, which means your potential for Title Plus promotion cash starts at Bronze!

Yes, you will still be recognized as a Gold level Team Member, and for all other promotions and programs you will still be considered Gold. You should still be aiming to achieve the next rank of Team Leader. BUT, for the purposes of the Title Plus promotion:
• You can earn the Title Plus cash bonuses as you achieve and maintain Bronze, Silver, Gold, and beyond, as dictated by your weak leg volume!
• In fact, if you were to only achieve and maintain Bronze level weak leg CV, you could potentially earn an extra €500!

This is great news, not only for those who rank advanced in 2017, but also for those who may have achieved high ranks long ago, but have experience a decline in their weak leg volume. For example:
• If you once achieved Team Elite years ago…
• but your best month of 2017 was only enough weak leg CV to qualify you for Gold…
• Your Title Plus starting line will be the Gold Rank! That means you have the ability to earn bonuses as your weak leg volume grows beyond Team Leader, Team Manager, Team Director, back up to Team Elite and even Pearl!
• That would be a LARGE amount of extra cash, all through Title Plus and your new Title Plus starting line!

Please know that this policy has not been implemented to undermine the pin levels you worked so hard to achieve in the past. This is simply a way to get as many of our hard working Team Members to benefit from the Title Plus promotion as possible.
We encourage you to build the legs of your business. Increase your sponsoring efforts and increase the size of your team. The Title Plus cash is yours for the taking, and that will be just the first of many long lasting rewards that come with building a strong Synergy business. Best of luck to you all!

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