zaterdag, oktober 14, 2017

The Trulūm Hydrating Toner purifies and prepares the skin to efficiently absorb the rich, natural ingredients and powerful extracts of the other products in the Trulūm skin care regimen. Helping to regulate moisture levels and balance the skin’s pH levels, this unique formulation also supports the natural processes of the skin to provide a healthier look and feel.

  1. Moisture increase
  2. Non-astringent and gentle
  3. pH-balancing for lipid health
  4. Stabilizes the skin by inducing skin’s natural responses

  1. Beet root increases moisturization
  2. Watermelon, lentil and apple extracts provide amino acids, Vitamin B5, and polysaccharides to support skin health and moisture balance
  3. Oat extracts containing avenathramides, which are anti-irritant compounds

Apply gently over neck and face with a cotton pad or spray pump. Let dry. Use morning and evening.

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