Summit 2016 Award eMagazine

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of annual Europe Summits is the opportunity to publicly recognize Synergy Team Members and their notable achievements. We applaud every individual who accomplished their personal goals in 2015 and 2016, and especially congratulate those whose larger achievements put them at center stage in Vienna.

As a final recognition piece for all of the work done over the past year, we introduce the Summit 2016 Award eMagazine, which contains a special message from President Dan Norman, Summit recognition photos, and the following individuals:

  1. Top Team Builder and Top Recruiter
  2. Elite Honors qualifiers
  3. Go Elite 10 qualifiers
  4. 2016 Legacy Awards
  5. Million Dollar Club inductees
  6. Pin title rank advancements, Star through Diamond Executive

One last congratulations to everyone recognized! We look forward to another year of great success!



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