Austria is leading Europe in Elite Honors qualifiers and Go Elite 10 bonuses. In January alone, Austria accounted for more than one-third of January’s 312 Elite Honors qualifiers in Europe. Undoubtedly, much of the country’s success with Elite Honors can be contributed to four leaders who have been encouraging and supporting their teams to execute Elite Honors goals in order to build fruitful businesses.

Each of the following Team Members earned the €1200 Go Elite 10 bonus by becoming Elite Honors qualified and sponsoring 10 Team Members who are also Elite Honors qualified. To learn more about Elite Honors and Go Elite qualifications, CLICK HERE.

Pearl Executive

The magic words that will lead to success with Elite Honors are “do and do again,” Franz said. Team Members must be consistent in their actions to see success. This is Franz’s second time earning the Go Elite 10 bonus, and earning each bonus started with a commitment and a plan. In this plan, each step was written in detail, and each detail was necessary in achieving his goal. Once his plan was formulated, Franz did not delay in taking action. Now that Franz has proved Go Elite 10 is achievable, he is showing his partners how it’s achievable through his positive attitude and example.

“A month passes quickly, so without prompt action, the goal will pass you by,” Franz said. “Take action now and do what is necessary. I see it as my obligation to inform people that there is something that can influence their health and overall lifestyle for the better.”

Team Leader

Corinna knows the importance of having a plan and understands the quality of Synergy products, which are reasons that led her to earn her second Go Elite 10 bonus. Corinna strives to be in constant contact with her team. Scheduling appointments, making plans, and putting in an effort to keep everyone motivated are essential in “simply being a good example” and are the right practices to grow as a leader and a team.

The Elite Honors program has given Corinna many opportunities to grow and be successful as a leader. She knows that Synergy’s future lies in using Elite Honors.

“With the right plan, motivation, and sponsor support, I know that anything is possible,” she said. “I am 100% convinced.”

Team Elite

“Elite Honors, in my opinion, is the most direct way to success,” Robert said. “Setting Go Elite 10 in particular as a monthly target prompts maximum productivity in our team … I have the opportunitiy to do this, so  seized it.”

Robert is a passionate Synergy Team Member because wants to help others realize their dreams while optimizing their health and overall wellbeing. For Robert, it’s easy to work hard with Synergy because he has fun doing it. Robert is constantly learning from his business experiences and mistakes, and because of his setbacks he has learned to be a stronger person and a better leader. He has built a strong team that is striving for Elite Honors qualification right alongside him.

Team Director

When people come together, the real value of Synergy’s Elite Honors earnings model becomes apparent.

“Together we are strong,” Heidi said. “I love our V3 products because … my health changed for the better and that's what I want to give people, a physical health and financial health.”

Heidi knows the importance of planning well in order to achieve a goal. Understanding the goal is vital to accomplishing it. Heidi’s work ethic and the support of her team allows her to excel in her market, giving her the opportunity to meet Go Elite 10 requirements. Supporting and building a thriving team has given Heidi incredible opportunities to grow as an individual, and she thanks Synergy for those opportunities every day.



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