Legacy Award recipients of 2014!

donderdag, oktober 16, 2014

Each year, Team Members are nominated to receive Synergy’s highly regarded and sought after Legacy Awards. Three award categories were presented – the Hope of Synergy Award, the Dan Higginson Humanitarian Award and the Foundation of Excellence Award. 

The Hope of Synergy Award was renamed the Will Martin Hope of Synergy Award to honor an influential Synergy Team Member and Presidential Executive who passed away earlier this year. His legacy will live on through this award.

Congratulations to all of the following individuals on your accomplishments in 2013 and 2014, and on becoming Legacy Award recipients.


This award is presented to Team Members who have a unique and inspiring story involving Synergy products, business or health.


Johanna truly knows how to take care of every member of her team, and operates every aspect of her business with the highest ethical standards. She is incredibly active in the Finnish market, making event attendance on the top of her priority list each month. Most importantly, she has a strong vision for the future of her business.


Carlo’s father died when he was only a year old and he spent most of his youth in the streets of Italy, often affiliating with dangerous company who supported drug and alcohol abuse. He decided to change his life completely after meeting his sponsor Will Martin. Since Will’s death, he has not lost his commitment to Synergy and works tirelessly in pursuit of his dreams.


Jacek is not only consistent about setting goals for himself, but is consistent about meeting those goals. He has one of the most efficient, well-organized Synergy businesses in Poland. Most importantly, he is always ready to serve others.


This award is presented to Team Members who have made outstanding philanthropic contributions within and outside of Synergy WorldWide.

This couple is the perfect example of “Leave a Legacy.” They are willing to share all that they have, and are able to recognize all that they have been given. Because they realize the great gifts in their life, each year these Team Members raise money to take a poor Romanian family Christmas shopping. In addition, they started a non-profit organization that gives aid to many poor children in Romania, helping them live a healthier, safer, fuller life.


This award is presented to Team Members who have made outstanding contributions to Synergy WorldWide within the business.


Janne and Mervi work together in perfect harmony to create a thriving business. Together, they have 9 children and many other commitments, but they have always found time to commit to Synergy. They prove that creating a Synergy business is possible for anyone.


Giuseppe has been in the MLM industry since 1983. His experience has helped him to learn what makes a great company a great company. Since joining Synergy he achieved Team Manager in 12 days, Team Director in 1 month and Team Elite in 5 months. His enthusiasm, positivity and motivation helps new Team Members become experienced networkers.


Together, this couple has the biggest heart. They are ready to serve friends, acquaintances and strangers alike at a moment’s notice. Since joining Synergy, they have been devoted, passionate and always optimistic about the future.


This Team Member has been a major support in organizing and carrying out events in Ireland. He also facilitates the distribution of recognition items, product, banners and other needs. He not only does a tremendous job supporting those in his own team, he takes the time to support other teams both on phone calls and in face-to-face meetings.  

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