Synergy Team Conquers 200-mile Relay

woensdag, juli 09, 2014

Twelve of Synergy’s corporate employees embarked on an adventure across Utah’s majestic Wasatch Mountain Range in the RAGNAR Relay. They piled into two vehicles, packing enough ProArgi-9+, e9 energy drink mix and the nutrient-dense SLMsmart Meal Replacement, to fuel them through an intense and unforgettable challenge.

Each runner had to finish three legs of the course, whether it was 3 a.m., in the heat of the day or on rocky trails. Synergy’s team, the RG9 Pros, endured and finished in the Top 20 percent of all its competitors. Each runner extends a sincere thank you to Synergy WorldWide for making the opportunity possible.

"It is awesome to be a part of a company that supports this kind of activity and adventure," said Marketing Manager Jake Rothfels. "It was such a blast. Every person on our team pushed themselves and did a fantastic job. It really was a privilege to do this crazy race with each of them. I’m grateful for Synergy supporting us the whole way."

Meet the team:  Howard Hannemann, Ryan Wright, Aaron McCain, Kristen Barker, Catherine Bennett, Ryan Lindahl, Chaz Liddle, Jake Rothfels, Mindee Waldron, Aaron Washenko, Ann Vest, Jerry Craner 

Synergy WorldWide

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