GM Message: I Invite You to Attend Team Manager Academy in Austria!

Rob Lord, Western Europe General Manager
Remember, in my GM message last month I said there has never been as many rewards on the table for Synergy Western Europe as there is right now, particularly with the following promotions:

Well, on top of this is the opportunity for you to qualify for Team Manager Academy at the sumptuous Interalpen Hotel in Tyrol, which is nestled in the Austrian Alps. As 2013 qualifiers Jeremy Townsend, Stella O'Shea and Mariano & Marilo Del Castillo can attest, here you will experience the epitome of Austria’s scenic beauty while receiving leadership training to propel your Synergy business forward. As great an experience as it was last year, I want even more Team Members from the UK, Ireland and Spain to qualify for this fantastic trip in June. 

Inviting New Team Leaders!

We have made it even easier to attend TMA with the inclusion of a Team Leader qualification as part of our New Title Reward Bonus! This is just for the UK, Ireland and Spain; no other Synergy market has this promotion. Whilst new Team Manager's will be able to enjoy an all-expenses-paid trip, those who advance their business to the title of Team Leader for the first time, and hold it one other month, between Feb and May, 2014, will also qualify for the trip.

There are many of you in the UK, Ireland and Spain who are currently either Silver, Gold, Team Leader or above who can qualify to be at TMA this year, so long as you make it a non-negotiable goal. In other words, you are going to keep working hard, building your business and do what you need to do to ensure you don't miss this invaluable event!

Qualification Re-Cap ...
So, in order to qualify for Team Manager Academy 2014 you must:    
  • Rank advance to Team Leader for the first time and hold it for one additional month between February and May 2014 (you just pay for your flights)
  • Rank advance to Team Manager for the first time between February and May 2014 (all-expenses-paid) OR 
  • As a sponsor, have a personally sponsored Team Manager qualify for TMA and hold the Team Manager title (you just pay for your flights) OR
  • Rank advance past your previous highest rank if you attended last year’s TMA (you just pay for your flights)
Team Manager Academy will start off with an indulgent welcome dinner. The following day, Team Members will enjoy attending inspirational meetings filled with dynamic trainings from leaders and corporate guests. Additionally, attendees will also take part in a fun team building activity that will challenge your leadership and cooperation skills, while building camaraderie and friendships. 

I invite you to continue to challenge yourself and your team over the next couple of months to book your place and I will take great pleasure in being able to say to you on June 13, "Welcome to Team Manager Academy in Austria!"

Go Western Europe!




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