Is Mistify Just Another Fruit Blend?

Mistify is Synergy's powerful, potent anti-oxidant fruit blend. Anyone can taste it and tell you about the great flavor. Plus, Synergy has guaranteed it along with the rest of our quality-ensured product line. Also, if you talk to most Mistify users, you'll hear them excitedly tell you about the benefits they've experienced.

But is Mistify really so great?

After all, there's a big market out there. Many companies are currently pushing competing products. The Brazilian Acai berry has caught people's attention for all of the good its capable of doing for the body, and has therefore become a buzz word everywhere.

So, is Mistify just another product in a saturated market?

The answer: No, Mistify is NOT just another fruit blend. It is truly a powerful anti-oxidizing supplement that is capable of helping people in many ways. The Mistify formula has been carefully designed to enhance your health and help your body fight free radicals. It has been designed to provide the natural power that has been sadly missing from most diets. The benefits Mistify users have been experiencing are real, and they are available to you.

And when it comes to the competition, Mistify stands above.

Evidence of this superior formula has been published by an independent lab not affiliated with Synergy WorldWide. Mistify was compared to the leading products in the category and was found to beat the competition in Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, Catechins, Anthocyanin, and Phenolics. Check this out:

When it comes to antioxidant activity, the charts above show that Mistify was found to be the leading formula in all the ways that matter. The biological compounds are there in abundance. Every bottle of Mistify is filled with real free-radical fighting ingredients, not just filler.

You don't have to take our word for it. Start including Mistify in your daily health regimen to see results first hand.



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