Track your Korea Cash on the blog!

Looking forward to the upcoming Global Summit in Seoul, Korea, many of our distributors have been hard at work to attend this exciting annual event. Team Members have been earning impressive amounts in Korea Cash, and a few have maxed out the promotion, earning €3,000 toward the trip! Hundreds of others are increasing their Korea Cash accounts weekly.

Do you know how much Korea Cash you are earning? Now, you can track your earnings weekly by viewing our new “Korea Cash Earnings” blog page, located directly right of the blog’s calendar tab. View Synergy’s top Korea Cash earners on the web page and click the link at the bottom of the page to see even more Team Leaders’ merits. Team Members who have earned less than €300 can find their earnings by logging into their Pulse accounts.

Don’t remember the Korea Cash promotion details? Click here to find them and start earning your way to Global Summit 2013!

Hundreds of Team Members are increasing their Korea Cash account weekly. We applaud your incredible progress and are eager to see your earnings continue to accumulate.



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