Upgraded English Starter Kits

zaterdag, november 05, 2011

The upgraded English Starter Kit is almost here! Thank you for your patience as Synergy WorldWide has been working on providing a new starter kit along with product brochures to better accommodate your marketing needs. The new starter kit will contain the following:
·        New image piece
·        Welcome brochure
·        Product brochures
·        DVD
     o   QA Manufacturing Tour
  o   US Corporate Tour
  o   Synergy Comp Plan 
  o   Policies & Procedures
  o   QA booklet

The upgraded starter kit will better assist new Team Members as they begin to operate their Synergy business. Due to this change, we are temporarily out of stock in the UK and Ireland; however, the new starter kit is on order and will be available the first of December.

Synergy WorldWide 

Synergy WorldWide

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