Carrier change to DHL

We are happy to inform you that we are changing our delivery services to DHL “On Demand”. Starting Friday, April 1st, and going forward we will be partnering with DHL to manage all the deliveries. As a team member and/or customer, you will now have optimized home delivery of your orders from Synergy Worldwide, at no extra cost.

When you place an order, you will be updated on the status of the shipment directly by DHL, and you will also be able to make delivery changes on the DHL website and/or App. Amongst other services you will be able to select & change the place and time for your delivery. You will also be able to choose delivery to available pick-up points. 

This change will improve our Synergy experience. We expect a positive impact on carrier service level for our members. 

Exceptions in Finland, Denmark, and Sweden
For locations considered as “remote areas” within abovementioned countries, the service will be provided by UPS, who offer additional flexibility and assistance in those specific areas. 



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