August Winners: Torino Magica

We’re heading to Torino, the “magical city,” for our 2018 Summit! As we approach October and our biggest event of the year, opportunities to earn cash and cool prizes are approaching as well!

Not only can you earn cash towards your Torino trip, you can win great prizes EACH month. The official top 10 point earners this month are:

1. Mattrade Mateusz Pas (Poland) - Apple Watch Series 3 OLED GPS
2. Bostjan Pilej (Slovenia) - GoPro Hero (2018)
3. Francesca & Hermann Pflueger (Germany) - Apple AirPods
4. Petra Rinkel (Germany) - Trulūm Complete Skin Care Line
5. Hakan Soenmez (Germany) - €140 Synergy Product Credit
6. Siegfried Feitl (Austria) - €100 Gift Card to
7. Keith Robinson (Ireland) - €100 Synergy Product Credit
8. Christine & Hansy Herrmann (Germany) - Tablet Fire 7, 16 GB
9. Liz James (United Kingdom) - Poweradd Outdoor Bluetooth
10. Jacek & Marta Cieślik (Poland) - Muzili YG3 Plus Fitness monitor + SLMsmart Health Shake

Congratulations to the winners! Next month, we’re offering more prizes for the top 10 point earners. Get your points on the board now to win:

1. Apple Watch Nike+ OLED GPS
2. GoPro Hero (2018)
3. Fitbit Charge 2
4. €140 Synergy Product Credit
5. €100 Gift Card to
6. Trulūm Complete Skin Care Line
7. €100 Synergy Product Credit
8. Polaroid 300 Instant Camera
9. Tablet Fire 7, 16 GB
10. Poweradd Outdoor Bluetooth

As the race to earn cash towards Torino intensifies, stay updated on the cumulative top 100 point earners and see how you stack up. Simply login to Pulse and check the Torino Magica leaderboards, found under “reports” in your digital backoffice.

Congratulations to the many individuals who have earned Torino Magica points so far, and best of luck to you all next month. To see how you can earn Torino Magica points, click here.

For more information on this promotion, or any other 2018 promotions, don’t forget to click the “PROMOTIONS” tab above!



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