New Promotion Trackers Now Live in Pulse

Now you can conveniently view your progress through 2018’s various promotion programs. Simply login to Pulse, your digital Synergy back office, to find your Elite Honors tracker, your Torino Magica leaderboards, and your Title Plus report.

Elite Honors Tracker
Elite Honors is an incredibly important program this year. Not only can you earn product credit and recognition opportunities, but Elite Honors qualifications unlock the biggest Title Plus bonuses and extra points in Torino Magica!

Have you met your monthly TC1 requirement? Enrolled a new Team Member at 200 CV? Of course you have… now keep track of your consecutive months of qualification! To see the Elite Honors qualification progress of Team Members you have personally sponsored, click the file icon on the right side of your tracker. This will lead you to a report, where you will see each of them by name. Knowing their progress will allow you to more-effectively help each of them reach their monthly Elite Honors goals.

Title Plus Report
As you reach and maintain new pin titles, you are on track to earn a potentially large amount of extra money in 2018. Title Plus, one of the most successful promotions in Synergy history, is a lucrative way to remind yourself how important rank advancement is each month!

To find your Title Plus report, login to Pulse, and select “Reports” from your Pulse menu. Under “Reports”, you will see the report “Title Plus.”

Advance to a new rank and spot it on the chart. Then, see the chart mark your progress as you maintain that rank and advance even higher! Watch as your Elite Honors qualifications unlocks matching and “fourth month” bonuses. Remember, ascending multiple ranks earns compounding bonuses!

Want to see where you stand in the race to Torino cash? Would you like to know who you need to beat to earn your monthly Torino Magica prize? The points will be stacking up this year, and you have a chance to win big.

To find the Torino Magica leaderboards, login to Pulse, and select “Reports” from your Pulse menu. Under “Reports”, you will see the report “Torino Magica.”

Enjoy your Pulse, and use the many charts, trackers, reports and features to increase your earnings in 2018. For more information about the 2018 Promotions, please click here.



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