Throughout this year, many Team Members across Europe have made an effort to earn their invitation to Experience Synergy.

Now, as the event draws near (only one month away!), Synergy is happy to announce and congratulate our Experience Synergy qualifiers. Many of these individuals were recognized on stage at our recent Back to Basics event in Jesolo, Italy, and we are preparing now to treat them all to an enjoyable experience here at Synergy HQ.

Experience Synergy Qualifiers

  • Nicola Barbieri
  • Luisa Barchiesi
  • Devis Vigolo
  • Silvana Bravi
  • Luigino Iobbi
  • Michele Mucciacito
  • Alvaro Lisetti
  • Mara Bertoldo
  • Fausto Mariucci
  • Giorgio Bresquar
  • Giacomo Rigoni
  • Flaviano Frugeri
  • Savina De March
  • Filippo Sanna
  • Diego Bragato
  • Paolo Bragato
  • Faouzi Daghistani
  • Nils Arne Haugum
  • Arnt Joar Lien
  • Stine Velven Hagen
  • Anne Eggen
  • Ann-Kathrine Nyborg
  • Irene Persen
  • Oddbjørg Stølsbotten
  • Sindre Dreyer
  • André Jenssen
  • Eva Beate Aalid
  • Ingrid Haugan & Stein Magne Osmoen
  • May Åsheim
  • Berit Gravdahl Johansen
  • Lars Gronborg
  • Heidi Byrkeland
  • Elfriede Tappauf
  • Karl Tappauf
  • Ana Vajda-Friess
  • Roman Tanzler
  • Anna Riebenbauer
  • Elisabeth Muellner
  • Vital Power Herrmann
  • Francesca & Hermann Pflueger
  • Reidun Dalheim
  • Anne Eskelinen
  • Gulmarchan Uapova
  • Zhanat Aktayev
  • Yuri Zimin
  • Sandro Barbacini
  • Elisabetta Franco
  • Valia Benedetti
  • Marco Camilli

Those who have qualified for this event should have received an invitation and registration link. If your name is on this list and you have not yet registered, please contact Kristen Barker at or contact Synergy Customer Service.

Please join us in congratulating these qualifying Team Members. We are excited to welcome them and give them an experience that will forever help them to better understand the quality and importance of the businesses they are building.

For more information about Experience Synergy qualifications and event details, click here.



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