Synergy WorldWide is accelerating your path to Presidential Executive with new title advancement opportunities!


First, it’s important to understand that this enhancement only applies to title advancements and has no impact on how commissions are calculated.

Prior to this announcement, your title was calculated using one number–weak leg commissionable volume (weak leg CV). However, with this enhancement, your title will be calculated using three distinct numbers.

Let’s take a look at each one to better understand how this works:

1. Weak Leg CV
Weak leg volume is the smaller of the two legs in your organization. The strong leg is the larger of the two legs.

Right leg = 500 CV; Left leg = 1,000 CV
Weak leg = 500 CV

Prior to this enhancement, your title was calculated using only the weak leg CV. Moving forward, your weak leg CV will be 1 out of 3 components used to calculate title.

2. Tracking Center 1 Commissionable Volume  (TC1 CV)
TC1 CV is the volume associated with personal orders and personally sponsored preferred customers’ orders.

In January, you have 1 personal order for 200 CV and 1 preferred customer order totaling 200 CV. Your TC1 volume is 400 CV. 

Prior to this enhancement, TC1 CV only counted toward the titles of Team Members above you. This CV did not contribute toward your personal title. Moving forward, your full TC1 CV, prior to Elite Rebate, will be used to calculate title.

3. Elite Rebate CV of Personally Sponsored Team Members
Each market has determined its own Elite level—the level in which Team Members become eligible to receive a 25% Elite Rebate for volume that exceeds the established volume level in a given month. For this explanation, we will use 200 CV as our Elite level.

All CV on TC1 that is at our below 200 CV rolls up as normal qualifying volume. 50% of the volume above 200 CV will also roll up. The remaining volume is used to calculate and pay out Elite Rebate and does not roll up as qualifying volume. For this explanation, we will refer to removed CV as Elite Rebate CV.

John places a 200 CV order on the first day of the month. Later in the month, one of his customers places a product order of 100 CV. This 100 CV is then divided in half. 50 CV rolls up with the original 200 CV of his personal order that month. The remaining 50 CV is used to pay out the 25% Elite Rebate. 

In this example, if you are in John’s upline, 250 CV of the 300 CV, rolls up to you and
counts toward your right- or left leg volume, depending on which leg John resides. 

For this component of the enhancement, Synergy will take ALL Elite Rebate CV (CV that was removed to pay Elite Rebate) associated with your personally sponsored Team Members and use it to calculate your title. This applies to all of your personally sponsored Team Members, regardless of leg.

Here are a few examples to explain how this works.

Example 1

Sandy has a weak leg volume of 1,700 CV. Her strong leg volume is 3,000 CV.

Sandy has 700 CV in TC1 volume and has a total of 600 CV that was removed from her personally sponsored Team Members for the Elite Rebate payout.

Sandy’s Title Volume will be calculated as follows:

1,700 CV Weak Leg + 700 TC1 + 600 CV Elite Rebate = 3,000 CV

Sandy’s Title Volume is now 3,000 CV and she is recognized as Silver. Her true weak leg volume used for commissions remains unchanged at 1,700 CV.

Example 2

Chris has a weak leg volume of 11,000 CV. His strong leg volume is 20,000 CV.

Chris has 2,500 CV in TC1 volume and a total of 1,500 CV that was removed from his personally sponsored Team Members for Elite Rebate payout.

Chris’s Title Volume will be calculated as follows:

11,000 CV Weak Leg + 2,500 TC1 + 1,500 CV Elite Rebate = 15,000 CV

Chris’s Title Volume is now 15,000 CV and he is recognized as Team Manager. His true weak leg volume used for commissions remains unchanged at 11,000 CV.

Example 3

Jennifer is brand new to Synergy and has yet to enroll anyone on either leg. Both legs are at 0 CV; however, Jennifer talked to friends and family who all wanted to try the product. As a result, she purchased a total of 1,500 CV in her first month for personal consumption and to sell to her new customers!

Jennifer has 1,500 CV in TC1 volume only.

Jennifer’s Title Volume will be calculated as follows:

0 CV Weak Leg + 1,500 TC1 + 0 CV Elite Rebate = 1,500 CV

Jennifer’s Title Volume is now 1,500 CV and she is recognized as Bronze. Her true weak leg volume used for commissions remains unchanged at 0 CV.


A Title Volume section will be displayed in the performance bar on the left-hand side of the home page in Pulse.

Here, you will see a breakdown of:

  1. Title Volume
  2. TC1 Volume
  3. Elite Rebate CV 
  4. Left Leg
  5. Right Leg 

With these numbers, you will be able to clearly see how your Title Volume is being calculated throughout the month.

We look forward to recognizing many more of you as you build your Synergy businesses around business partners and customers alike.

Note: Synergy’s database will update Title Volume every 2-3 hours. Please be patient as you place orders and wait for Title Volume to update.



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