Congratulations Leadership Power Training Promotion Qualifiers

There are only a few days left until the highly anticipated Leadership Power Training event at Synergy Europe HQ in beautiful Barcelona. Hundreds have already registered for this event and we're expecting a full house!

While this event is open to all Synergy Europe Team Members, there are a number of Team Members who have been highly successful in growing their businesses over the past four months which has qualified them to earn Leadership Power Training event prizes, including airfare to Barcelona, hotel accommodations, an invitation to the exclusive VIP dinner, or all three!

Earned airfare to Barcelona, hotel accommodations, and a VIP dinner invite:

Paula Harju, Finland
Josephine Fullerton, Ireland
Marianne Henriksen, Norway
Liz James, United Kingdom
Sue & Matt Thomas, United Kingdom
Sarah Andrews, United Kingdom
Marlene Williams, United Kingdom

Earned hotel accommodations and a VIP dinner invite:

Heidi Kelbic, Austria
Robert Suppan, Austria
Eric & Kati Gammals, Finland
Päivi & Kimmo Kangas, Finland
Paula Harju, Finland
Glenn Skamsar, Norway
Stein Magne Osmoen & Ingrid Haugan, Norway
Rafael Lopez Torrecilla, Spain
Unni & Karl Warpe, Spain
Kim & Terry Briggs, United Kingdom
Rebecca Winters, United Kingdom
Teri Rigby, United Kingdom

Earned a VIP dinner invite:

Anita Vidovitsch, Austria
Elisabeth Muellner, Austria
Manuela Trollmann, Austria
Veronika Guggenberger, Austria
Ebere Ugochukwu & Ugochukwu Nwokerie, Ireland
Niamh O’Brien, Ireland
Warren Fox, Ireland
James Booth, Ireland
Yvonne Timmins, Ireland
Antonino Paruta, Italy
Tommy Jevne, Norway
Deniz Gungor, Norway
Tor Mentzoni, Norway
Lena Ljungdahl, Sweden
Jonathan Burgess, United Kingdom
Vivienne Talsmat, United Kingdom
Emma Whitnall, United Kingdom

Congratulations to all those who qualified for event perks! We look forward to seeing all of you at this historic event!



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