Elite Honors Spotlights

With the Elite Honors continuing to gain momentum, Team Members have been building even stronger businesses through defining their monthly goals.

In May, 383 Team Members in Europe became Elite Honors Qualified. That means at least 383 new distributors were enrolled and more than 1,000 customers latched onto Synergy products. Team Members who are becoming Elite Honors Qualified have found that the Elite Honors earnings model is exactly what their businesses were missing.

Congratulations to the many who are finding success through Elite Honors thus far! Here are a few insights from some of our Elite Honors Qualifiers regarding their success with the system:

Augustine Schlack, Austria
10x Elite Honors qualified

Augustine understands that positive principles, such as honesty, integrity, and authenticity should be a driving force behind any business. Being Elite Honors qualified 10 months in a row goes to show how serious she is about adhering to those qualities.

“Elite Honors is a great thing,” Augustine said. “It gives me incentive to work hard and continue to embody Synergy principles as a Team Member.”

Augustine has seen a lot of success with Synergy so far. She gives credit to the wonderful team of people she works with and how they help her become a better person. When talking about Synergy, she always has good things to say.

“At Synergy, I like the work, the career opportunities, and I like the quality of the products,” Mag said. “It is because of those things that I am able to do good business!”

Malin Höglund, Sweden
7x Elite Honors qualifier

Having been Elite Honors qualified 7 times, Malin is no stranger to hard work and has great things to say about Synergy and the Elite Honors Club program. She has worked relentlessly since she started her Synergy business in November 2015.

As an active mother to three children, Malin loves running, cooking, and spending time with her family; however, having a busy personal life hasn’t kept her from setting a high bar for her professional life as well.

“Elite Honors provides a very easy way to build your business,” Malin said. “I make sure that I have a plan for every month, and because of that I have been able to consistently achieve Elite Honors.”

In the future, Malin hopes to keep reaching her professional goals with Synergy and is excited to grow with the company.

Radka Weeden, United Kingdom
6x Elite Honors qualified

When Radka joined Synergy a few years ago, she realized immediately that she was part of something great.

Since joining Synergy, Radka has been Elite Honors qualified six times and shows no sign of stopping. She believes that consistency and passion make all the difference in any business and it is no different with Synergy. Radka is feeling more and more comfortable as a network marketer, especially in reaching outside of her comfort zone to talk to people. She has gained an extraordinary amount of confidence in herself by becoming Elite Honors qualified.

“The thing I love about Elite Honors is the fact that it makes you focus on achieving a target each month by helping fellow Team Members do the same,” Radka said.

Thanks to Synergy’s proven record, transparency, and outstanding quality, Radka is more excited than ever to help others live healthier, happier lives.



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