August 2014 Top 10 Barcelona Prize Winners

Every month until the September 2014 Summit in Barcelona, Synergy is giving high-value prizes to the Top 10 point earners in the Barcelona Summit Promotion. And this is on top of the cash they are already earning through the promotion’s point system! Click here for more details.

Our winners for August are in! Prizes are listed next to the name of each winner.

Congratulations to the following Team Members for making it to the top:

1. Roman Tanzler (Austria) —  Two nights at the Princess Sofia Hotel
2. Raimondo Barone (Italy) —  Two nights at the Princess Sofia Hotel
3. Egil Hansen (Norway) — iPad Mini
4. Dr. Iris Schiek (Germany) — One night at the Princess Sofia Hotel
5. Marianna Buchegger (Austria) — iPod Nano
6. Sanja Vecenaj (Slovenia) — Registration with Buffet
7. Daniel & Barbara Krawcewicz (Germany) — Registration with Buffet
8. Jimoh Amedu (Ireland) — Synergy V3 System
9. Oscar & Joanna Janikowska (Poland) — Synergy branded Ogio jacket
10. Anna Margret Bjarnadottir (Iceland) — Synergy hat and water bottle

Thank you to all of our winners for your commitment to join us at Barcelona’s explosive event! You are inspiring leaders and we look forward to congratulating you in person at Summit 2014.



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