TMA 2014 in Review: Check out the photos and video!

The energy at Team Manager Academy this year was not in short supply. The unity of our European Synergy leaders was apparent as everyone joined together for a little adventure in the Austrian Alps. In addition to the inspiration-filled meetings, attendees were able to enjoy an excursion into the woods near the stunning Interalpen-Hotel. Here, everyone was separated into four teams and participated in tests of coordination and athleticism. At the end of the activities, the four teams became one team to accomplish a final task. Using everyone’s strength, these Team Members lifted an incredibly heavy bag of sand into the air with ease. It was a telling symbol of Synergy’s strength as a company. It is because of the talented, dedicated leaders at this year’s Team Manager Academy that we put so much confidence in Synergy WorldWide’s potential.

We thank this year’s qualifiers for making TMA 2014 an extraordinary event and hope to see even more qualifiers next year.

Click here for TMA photos!



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