How do we light the fire within people?

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Eric and Kati Gammals are pearl executives and members of Synergy WorldWide’s European Advisory Board. Each quarter you will hear from a member of the advisory board who will give you trusted business advice and a look into how they achieved success with Synergy.

We feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a company like Synergy, and to be able to help people with life-enhancing products and an incredible business opportunity.

We see so many benefits to the Synergy opportunity. First of all, people see the opportunity to help other people and earn money by doing this. But when a person begins to discover what we have on a deeper level, they find out that they have the opportunity to learn and grow, have purpose and fulfillment in life, and be part of a team that has excitement and confidence for the future.

When we were discovering the Synergy opportunity, we wanted to meet the corporate executive team because we wanted to know the kind of people that were leading the company. Now, what is important is that the new Team Members have the opportunity to have a discussion with the most successful team members. So we guide our team members to arrange welcome calls where the new Team Member and the successful Team Member in the upline can talk with each other for a few minutes. This way they can discover what kind of people are leading the team and the kind of values they have.

This is important and greatly benefits the team because it becomes much easier for the Team Member to contact the upline Team Members for needed support. The most preferable method for this is a 3-way call where the Team Member’s sponsor arranges the call. By doing this, all the sponsors quickly learn how to conduct a 3-way call using their phone. We teach everyone to use a lot of 3-way calls in all phases of the business—during the Synergy “Day One” presentation, follow-up, training, coaching and celebrating.

Also, during our personal Synergy discovery, we wanted to listen to the medical and scientific advisory board members, and the most successful Team Members and their stories.  Most of all, we needed to use the products and help our dearest family and friends use them. The products’ results were really important to us. We need to help people experience these results. Participating in the international and national Synergy Summit events and other trainings is very important. We believe that 80% of success is a result of showing up.

As a leader and a network coach, it’s very important to remember the values “love,” “courage,” “honesty,” “staying calm,” and “being humble,” when communicating with your Team Members.

When you follow these values and keep your heart open, it becomes much easier to help people light their own internal fire.  It’s also very important not to take anything personally. Have focus, fire and fun in all activities that you do.

Most importantly, you must be able to see positive matters in all situations and develop the ability to turn any challenge into an advantage.

Eric & Kati Gammals



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