Synergy is Open in Italy!

Synergy WorldWide launched in Italy this week, which means Italian Team Members can start ordering product and earning commission!

View the Italian “How to Do Business” document for a list of helpful links and information that will get you started as a customer or distributor in Italy.

Click the links below to access the Italian Getting Started form and Country Change Form. You will also find contact information and VAT/shipping rates in Italy's How To Do Business in Italy document.

Italian Team Members who are activating for the first time need to fill out the Getting Started form. Italian Team Members who activated in a country that is not Italy need to fill out the Getting Started form and write “Country Change” at the top of the form. These Team Members should use the ID# they were given when they enrolled and include their Italian location details when filling out this form.

Please contact our customer service team using the information listed on the How to Do Business documents to ask any questions you may have regarding commissions and product ordering.



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