New Italy General Manager Joins Synergy Team!

Join us in welcoming Synergy’s talented new addition to the European management team, Raffaella Orlandi!

Raffaella Orlandi
Raffaella was brought onto the Synergy team as Italy’s general manager, and has been essential in launching the business in her native country. Her MLM expertise and positive personality will be a driving force in spreading the power of Synergy throughout Italy. 

“I want to create a community, not individuals,” Raffaella said. “The advantage of Synergy is not only the compensation or the products; it’s also the sense of community. I want to be the ambassador of a new concept; I want to benefit a world community, not one or two millionaires. I am excited to see thousands of people in Italy change their lives with this business.”

Currently, Raffaella lives just seconds away from the Colosseum in Rome with her husband and two children, and comes from 5-6 generations of Romans. Her husband is also in the MLM industry and works as a consultant specializing in compensation plans. As a result of Raffaella’s many travels, she is fluent in five languages: Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Not only is Raffaella an MLM expert, she knows a thing or two about outer space. In fact, she received her Master’s degree in space engineering at the Technical University of Delft and worked for NASA as a program manager in the European and American space agency. She designed and implemented a ground receiving station in Kenya for NASA satellite communications. 

Over time, Raffaella began questioning whether or not she was satisfied with her occupation.

“I understood that for me it didn’t make sense to take care of Mars when we could be doing much better on Earth,” Raffaella said. “It was like an escape.”

When Raffaella broke into the network marketing world 10 years ago she realized her analytic mind was a great benefit. She realized many situations that surfaced in the MLM companies she was associated with had to be dissected as a scientist. She has worked with companies Telme, Ixtante and Organogold. She also worked with Meridian as a consultant to MLM companies in Europe.

Through all of Raffaella’s experiences with MLM companies and NASA’s strict quality control procedures, she was more than pleasantly surprised when she found Synergy. She trusts the executive team, she knows the products are of the highest quality, and knows Synergy is here to stay.

“When I saw how the products were made, well, I’ve never seen anything like it, even at NASA,” Raffaella said. “Seeing this really impressed me. “I can’t wait to make these products known to people in Italy and make them understand how wonderful of an opportunity this business is in my country.”

On behalf of everyone at Synergy WorldWide, we are truly lucky to have Raffaella as a dynamic addition to our leadership team. We can’t wait to see the great things that are to come in Italy! 



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